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—M— Marketing Terms starting with M

managed WordPress hosting – Web hosting optimized specifically for WordPress, where the hosting company assumes many of the routine maintenance tasks.

manual bidding – An advertising bid strategy where you explicitly set a maximum cost-per-click.

manual submission – Adding a URL to the search engines individually by hand.

marketing automation – The use of software to automate repetitive tasks related to marketing activities and connect different parts of the marketing funnel.

marketing plan – The part of the business plan outlining the marketing strategy for a product or service.

media kit – A resource created by a publisher to help prospective ad buyers evaluate advertising opportunities.

meta search engine – A search engine that displays results from multiple search engines.

META keywords tag – A META tag that allows an author of a web page to state which keywords they feel are relevant to that page.

META tag generator – Tool that will output META tags based on input page information.

META tags – Tags to describe various aspects about a Web page.

mobile first indexing – Google’s practice of primarily using the mobile version of a web page for indexing and ranking.

moderator – At a forum, someone entrusted by the administrator to help discussions stay productive and within the guidelines.

MOFU (Middle of Funnel) – The middle stage in a buyer’s journey, characterized by an increase in interest and consideration.

mousetrapping – The use of browser tricks in an effort to keep a visitor captive at a site, often by disabling the “Back” button or generated repeated pop-up windows.

multi-channel funnels – A group of Google Analytics reports providing channel and timing details associated with the touchpoints of visitor conversion paths.

multi-touch attribution – Any marketing attribution model that assigns conversion credit in a user journey to multiple marketing touchpoints.

multivariate testing – A method in marketing research where multiple variables in a control scenario are simultaneously changed and the ensuing alternate strategies tested, in order to improve the effectiveness of the final marketing strategy.

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