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Managed WordPress Hosting


Web hosting optimized specifically for WordPress, where the hosting company assumes many of the routine maintenance tasks.


Managed WordPress hosting involved plans that are already setup and tuned for WordPress. This is not to be confused with do-it-yourself (DIY) plans that merely permit you to install WordPress, or plans that include some kind of WordPress installation script. The goal of managed WordPress hosting is to simplify as many technical issues as possible on an ongoing basis.

The main benefits of this technical simplification is peace of mind and time savings. Compared to general shared web hosting managed WordPress hosting offers more features at a higher price. The demand for these services can be seen in the rapid rise of many WordPress-only hosting companies.

The popularity of the pioneering managed WordPress hosting companies has led to many more companies hopping on to the “Managed WordPress” bandwagon. There is some debate as to which companies are living up to the premium-hosting ideals, as there isn’t one standard set of features that defines what is and is not a managed WordPress hosting plan.

Some common features:

 Maintenance – automated backups, automated upgrades.
 Speed Optimization – configured cache, integrated CDN services.
 Security – configured permissions, plugin checking, malware scanning.
 Support – technical support staffed by dedicated WordPress experts.

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