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—T— Marketing Terms starting with T

technical SEO – The process of ensuring search engines can properly crawl and index a website’s content, to achieve optimal rankings in organic search results.

text ad – Advertisement using text-based hyperlinks.

thank you page – A page where website visitors are sent after submitted a form.

thin content – Web page content that search engines deem to have little or no value.

TikTok Ads – An online advertising platform to show ads on TikTok.

time delay attribution – A marketing attribution model that assigns more of the conversion credit in a user journey to marketing touchpoints closer to the time of conversion.

title tag – HTML tag used to define the text in the top line of a Web browser, also used by many search engines as the title of search listings.

top 10 – The top ten search engine results for a particular search term.

top of funnel (TOFU) – The beginning stage in a buyer’s journey, when they start to become aware of possible solutions.

transactional email – An automated one-to-one email with details of a recent transaction or account activity.

trended funnel – In GA4, a report that shows the performance of each step in a funnel over time.

trick banner – A banner ad that attempts to trick people into clicking, often by imitating an operating system message.

two tier affiliate program – Affiliate program structure whereby affiliates earn commissions on their conversions as well as conversions of webmasters they refer to the program.

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