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2024 Digital Marketing Conferences: 400+ Events Yearly + Discounts

Welcome to the big list… updated weekly, year after year. Now with virtual events!

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eTail Boston

June 2024

B2B Online Florida
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Dates Event Name Category Location Price*
Jun 2-4 Digital Marketing Strategies new Industry Austin, TX $995
Jun 3-4 MozCon new Digital Seattle, WA $999
Jun 3-4 Influencer Marketing Show new Social New York, NY $495
Jun 3-5 Gartner Marketing Symposium Expo US Marketing Denver, CO not yet
Jun 3-5 Shoptalk Europe Retail Barcelona, Spain not yet
Jun 4-6 Retail Innovation Conference & Expo Retail Chicago, IL not yet
June 5-7 Conversion Conference new Conversion Phoenix, AZ $1,395
Jun 5-7 Email Innovations World Email Phoenix, AZ $1,395
June 5-7 Generative AI World new MarTech Phoenix, AZ $2,595
Jun 5-8 NamesCon Global Domain Austin, TX not yet
Jun 5-7 SocialWest Social Calgary, Canada C$725
Jun 6 Chicago SEO Conference (Popup) new Digital Chicago, IL $125
Jun 6-7 DigiMarCon Great Lakes new Digital Detroit, MI $597
Jun 6-7 Marketing Analytics Summit new Analytics Phoenix, AZ $2,295
Jun 7 Social Media Day: Halifax Social Halifax, Canada not yet
Jun 10-11 Digital Summit: Denver new Digital Denver, CO $595
Jun 10-11 DigiMarCon New England new Digital Boston, MA $597
Jun 10-12 B2B Connect B2B San Diego, CA invite
Jun 11-14 Social Media Strategies Virtual Conference new Social online $749
Jun 11-12 SMX Advanced new Search online not yet
Jun 11-13 CommerceNext Retail New York, NY $4,395
Jun 11-12 Digital Marketing for Financial Services Canada Summit Industry Toronto, Canada not yet
Jun 11 Mexico City eCommerce Summit Retail Mexico City, Mexico $100
Jun 11-13 Digital Enterprise Show Digital Malaga, Spain not yet
Jun 12-13 Savant eCommerce Toronto Retail Toronto, Canada £625
Jun 13-15 We Make Future Digital Rimini, Italy €99
Jun 14 Social Media Day: Denver new Social Denver, CO not yet
Jun 15 MeasureCamp: Paris new Analytics Paris, France free
Jun 17-18 DigiMarCon Mid-Atlantic new Digital Philadelphia, PA $597
Jun 18 ATOMICON Digital Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK £650
Jun 19 Growth Marketing Summit Digital Frankfurt, Germany €1,099
Jun 19-20 Social Media Week: Lima Social Lima, OH $109
Jun 20-21 DigiMarCon Florida new Digital Miami, FL $597
Jun 20 Advanced Email Conference: London new Email London, UK £549
Jun 21 The MarTech Summit: Jakarta MarTech Jakarta, Indonesia $395
Jun 24-25 DigiMarCon South Atlantic new Digital Charlotte, NC $597
Jun 24-26 Digital Food & Beverage Industry Palm Desert, CA not yet
Jun 25-26 DMWF Global Digital London, UK £999
Jun 25-26 eTail London Retail London, UK not yet
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Jun 26-29 VidCon Video Anaheim, CA $199
Jun 27-28 DigiMarCon Southeast new Digital Atlanta, GA $597
Jun 27 New York eCommerce Summit Retail New York, NY $200
Jun 27 App Promotion Summit: NYC Mobile New York, NY not yet
Jun 27 Social Media Summit new Social Brussels, Belgium €1,950

July 2024

Dates Event Name Category Location Price*
Jul 1-2 DigiMarCon America new Digital Washington, DC $597
Jul 1-2 DigiMarCon North America new Digital online $197
Jul 11-12 DigiMarCon Texas new Digital Dallas, TX $597
Jul 11 The MarTech Summit: Hong Kong MarTech Hong Kong $495
Jul 16-19 iGB Live new Affiliate Amsterdam, Netherlands not yet
Jul 17-19 ANA Digital & Social Media Conference Social Los Angeles, CA $1,999
Jul 17-18 Savant eCommerce: New York eCommerce New York, NY $775
Jul 17-19 Digital Marketing Expo Digital Tokyo, Japan not yet
Jul 17-19 Advanced E-Commerce & Retail Expo Digital Tokyo, Japan not yet
Jul 18-19 DigiMarCon Hawaii new Digital Honolulu, HI $597
Jul 18 Seattle eCommerce Summit Retail Seattle, WA $200
Jul 19-21 Digital Marketing Expo: Nagoya Digital Nagoya, Japan not yet
Jul 19-21 Advanced E-Commerce Retail Expo: Nagoya Retail Nagoya, Japan not yet
Jul 24-25 Online Retailer Retail Sydney, Australia not yet
Jul 29-30 Affiliate Summit: East new Affiliate New York, NY $999
Jul 31-Aug 1 Seattle Interactive Conference Digital Seattle, WA not yet

August 2024

eTail Boston
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Dates Event Name Category Location Price*
Aug 8-9 DigiMarCon New Zealand new Digital Auckland, New Zealand $597
Aug 12-15 eTail Boston Retail Boston, MA not yet
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Aug 13-15 Digital Travel Summit APAC Industry Singapore not yet
Aug 14-15 Digital Summit: Minneapolis new Digital Minneapolis, MN $595
Aug 14 Columbus eCommerce Summit new Retail Columbus, OH $200
Aug 14-15 DigiMarCon Australia new Digital Sydney, Australia $597
Aug 19-22 Podcast Movement Podcasting Washington, DC not yet
Aug 20-21 DigiMarCon Oceania new Digital Melbourne, Australia $597
Aug 21-24 MediaPost’s Data & Programmatic Insider Summit Advertising Lake Tahoe, CA not yet
Aug 27-28 State of Social Social Perth Australia not yet
Aug 29-30 DigiMarCon UK new Digital London, UK £597

September 2024

Dates Event Name Category Location Price*
Sep 2-3 DigiMarCon Spain new Digital Barcelona, Spain €597
Sep 2-3 DigiMarCon EMEA new Digital online €197
Sep 4-5 Savant eCommerce Gothenburg Retail Gothenburg, Netherlands not yet
Sep 5-6 DigiMarCon Ireland new Digital Dublin, Ireland €597
Sep 7 MeasureCamp: Czechia Analytics Czechia, Czech Republic free
Sep 9-11 eTail Connect West Retail Coronado Bay, CA invite
Sep 10-11 SMX Advanced Europe new Digital Berlin, Germany €1,895
Sep 12-13 DigiMarCon Europe & Netherlands new Digital Amsterdam, Netherlands €597
Sep 12-15 AWSummit: Bucharest Affiliate Bucharest, Romania €299
Sep 13-14 ICON 9 new Podcasting Philadelphia, PA not yet
Sep 16-18 ANA Data, Analytics, & Measurement Conference Analytics Chicago, IL $1,999
Sep 17-19 Paris Retail Week Retail Paris, France ?
Sep 18-20 INBOUND 2024 Digital Boston, MA not yet
Sep 18-19 Savant eCommerce Rotterdam Retail Rotterdam, Sweden not yet
Sep 18-19 Savant eCommerce Rotterdam Retail London, UK
Sep 18-19 DMEXCO Digital Cologne, Germany not yet
Sep 19-20 DigiMarCon Southeast Asia & Singapore new Digital Singapore $597
Sep 19-20 DigiMarCon Asia Pacific new Digital online $197
Sep 24-25 Programmatic I/O: New York new Advertising New York, NY not yet
Sep 24-25 LeadsCon Connect new Conversion Rosemont, IL not yet
Sep 24-25 eTail Connect Autumn Retail St. Albans, UK invite
Sep 24-25 eTail Connect Australia Retail Melbourne, Australia invite
Sep 24-25 MarTech: Fall new MarTech online free
Sep 25-26 eTail Canada Retail Toronto, Canada not yet
Sep 25-26 DigiMarCon India new Digital New Delhi, India $597
Sep 26 App Promotion Summit: San Francisco Mobile San Francisco, CA $500

October 2024

Social Media Strategies Summit
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Dates Event Name Category Location Price*
Oct 1-2 Digital Marketing for Financial Services Midwest Summit Industry Chicago, IL not yet
Oct 1-2 Savant eCommerce Manchester Retail Manchester, UK not yet
Oct 1-3 One to One Biarritz Retail Biarritz, France not yet
Oct 1-2 DigiMarCon Middle East new Digital Dubai, UAE $597
Oct 3 Austin eCommerce Summit new Retail Austin, TX $200
Oct 3 Business Online Conference new Digital London, UK £68
Oct 7-8 Digital Travel US Industry Austin, TX not yet
Oct 9-10 eCommerce Expo Asia Retail Singapore ?
Oct 11-12 DigiMarCon South Africa new Digital Johannesburg, South Africa $597
Oct 16-18 ShopTalk Fall Retail Las Vegas, NV not yet
Oct 16-17 eTail Connect Germany new Retail Berlin, Germany invite
Oct 16-17 DigiMarCon Africa new Digital Cape Town, South Africa $597
Oct 16-17 Guru 2024 new Email online not yet
Oct 17-18 Engage Conference new Digital Portland, OR not yet
Oct 17 Digital First new Digital Brussels, Belgium not yet
Oct 17-18 ADworld Experience Advertising Bologna, Italy not yet
Oct 17-18 ad:tech Tokyo Advertising Tokyo, Japan not yet
Oct 18 Amazon Sellers Conference UK Amazon Brighton, UK £59
Oct 21-23 Content Marketing World new Content San Diego, CA $1,999
Oct 21-22 DigiMarCon Silicon Valley new Digital San Francisco, CA $597
Oct 22 Chicago eCommerce Summit new Retail Chicago, IL $200
Oct 22-23 PI Live Europe new Affiliate London, UK not yet
Oct 22-23 eTail Nordic new Retail Malmo, Sweden not yet
Oct 24-25 DigiMarCon Southwest new Digital Phoenix, AZ $597
Oct 27-30 LavaCon 2024 Content Portland, OR $2,450
Oct 28-30 DigiMarCon World new Digital Las Vegas, NV $597
Oct 28-29 State of Search new Search Dallas, TX not yet
Oct 28-30 iMedia B2B eCommerce Summit B2B Gold Coast, Australia not yet

November 2024

B2B Online Florida
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Dates Event Name Category Location Price*
Nov 2-3 Digital Marketing for Financial Services New York Summit Industry New York, NY ?
Nov 6-7 eTail Asia Connect Retail Singapore invite
Nov 7-8 Savant eCommerce Barcelona Retail Spain, Barcelona not yet
Nov 10-13 Digital Healthcare Conference new Industry Austin, TX $1,395
Nov 12-14 MarketingProfs B2B Foru B2B Boston, MA $1,095
Nov 13-14 SMX Next new MarTech online free
Nov 14 International Search Summit: Barcelona new Search Barcelona, Spain €145
Nov 18-19 B2B Online Florida B2B Orlando, FL not yet
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Nov 19-20 brightonSEO new SEO San Diego, CA $760
Nov 20 Bogota eCommerce Summit new Retail Bogota, Colombia $200
Nov 21-22 Digital Travel Europe new Industry London, UK £714
Nov 26-27 DMWF Europe new Digital Amsterdam, Netherlands €999

December 2024

Dates Event Name Category Location Price*
Dec 5 App Promotion Summit: Berlin new Digital Berlin, Germany €300
Dec 8-11 MediaPost’s Email Insider Summit Email Deer Valley, UT not yet
Dec 11-14 MediaPost’s Search & Performance Insider Summi Search Deer Valley, UT not yet

January 2025

Dates Event Name Category Location Price*
Jan 5-7 Lead Generation World new Conversion Hollywood, FL $1,345

Q & A

about this page…

What makes this conference list different/better?

We show up every week, usually multiple times per week, year after year. This has many implications:

  1. We are the first to list many conferences, so you can plan more efficiently and catch more early-bird deals.
  2. We don’t publish in January and walk away, so you won’t be stuck with an outdated resource mid-year.
  3. We also don’t hold back next year’s listings until next year, so you’re free to make longer-term plans.

What are the criteria to be included on this list?

At a high level, we’re looking for events that are relevant and noteworthy.

  • Relevant means being primarily about digital marketing or some aspect of digital marketing. There are a few exceptions, events that are more general but that many people plan around (i.e. SXSW), but we try to keep them to a minimum.
  • Noteworthy means a conference of a decent size that is primarily for learning and networking. This typically does not include smaller workshops, meetups, and company-specific events that are unlikely to be of interest to a wider audience.

Why the ads?

This is one of those rare times when ads add to the content. Many ads include MT-specific discount codes.

Who is the author?

Sean O’Rourke, publisher of and owner of Cleanup Interactive. I don’t publish as many posts as when blogging was new, but on key resources like this, I go obsessively deep.

popular topics…

What are the best digital marketing conferences to attend?

There is no one best conference for everyone, it depends on who you are and what you want. Here are some ways to think about your preferences:

  • General vs. Focused – do you want a variety of digital marketing topics, or would you rather go deep into one topic?
  • Strategy vs. Tactical – do you respond more to inspirational and big-picture talks, or do you prefer more practical?
  • Bigger vs. Smaller and Multi Track vs. Single Track – for you, does more = more opportunities, or more overwhelming?
  • Speaker Lineups – how many speakers do you know are good, also how many are high-level/celebrity vs. practitioners?

How can I find the best digital marketing conferences for me?

Here’s how to narrow down 400+ events to a more manageable short list of candidates:

  • First, focus on the variable that will eliminate the most conferences. Often this will be the location (city, region or country) or specialty topic (PPC, email, analytics etc.)
  • Next, focus on non-negotiable disqualifiers. For many people, this include a price limit.
  • Once you have a short list of events, get all the info you can from the official websites. Also look at social media accounts, hashtags or other conversation about the brand.

These events can get expensive. How can I save money?

We hear you! Here are 5 ways to get more for your conference cash.

  1. Pay attention to the price column above, where each currency symbol represents a $500 range, i.e. $ = $500 to $999.
  2. Take advantage of early-bird discounts! These can often save 50% of the door price.
  3. Look for discount codes, many conferences have them. We have listed several MT-specific codes here. Other discounts may be found on or carefully-constructed Twitter searches.
  4. If you are not self-employed, try to get work to pay for it. There are many articles available on how to  justify the cost.
  5. If needed, get scrappy. For example, see if the conference needs any volunteers.

for organizers…

How can I submit my conference for consideration?

Go to this form and enter the relevant information about your event.