Marketing Terms

About was registered back in the “dot com” days of 2000. New technology and terminology was being created constantly, so reference sites like this emerged to help keep track of everything.

More than just a list of definitions, pages in the interactive glossary include the following features:

  • Definition – describe the term as accurately as humanly possible.
  • Information – why does this term matter to digital marketers?
  • Sites & Articles – we don’t hesitate to link to the best resources.

In 2014, the glossary section underwent its largest update in many years. Broken links were cleaned up and new terms were added. With the majority of the cleanup out of the way, new terms will be added faster than ever.

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Beyond the glossary, we are moving into other reference areas.

What’s Done: the meta-analysis of digital marketing salaries.
What’s Next: one-of-a-kind analysis of digital marketing jobs.

What’s New: the in-depth look at digital marketing degrees and digital marketing courses within traditional marketing degree programs.
What’s Next: a look at education options outside of traditional universities.

What’s New: the lists the major digital marketing conferences in the US.
What’s Next: the list of major digital marketing conferences outside the US.

What’s New: the single-page list of significant web & marketing discounts.
What’s Next: significantly more significant discounts.

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