—D— Marketing Terms starting with D

data-driven attribution – A marketing attribution model that uses machine learning to determine the relative importance of advertising interactions in the user journey.

Data Studio – A free tool from Google that lets users make custom reports with data from Google’s marketing services and external sources.

data transfer – The total amount of outbound traffic from a website*, typically measured in gigabytes (Gb).

dedicated hosting – Hosting option whereby the host provides and is responsible for the equipment, dedicating an entire server to the client’s websites.

deep linking – Linking to a web page other than a site’s home page.

deep Web – a.k.a. invisible web – The portion of the Web not indexed by search engines.

description tag – An HTML tag used by Web page authors to provide a description for search engine listings.

direct traffic – Website visits that do not have any referrer information, either because the visitor typed the website address directly into the browser, or they used another method that did not pass referrer information to the analytics software.

directory (see Web directory)

disintermediation – The elimination of intermediaries in the supply chain, also referred to as “cutting out the middlemen.”

display network – In Google Ads, a network of millions of sites, videos and apps where your ads can serve.

dofollow links – A description of links that do not contain the “nofollow” attribute, and thus may convey authority in the eyes of search engines.

domain authority – A metric created by Moz to predict a website’s power to rank in organic search results.

domain name – Location of an entity on the Internet.

doorway page – A page made specifically to rank well in search engines for particular keywords, serving as an entry point through which visitors pass to the main content.

duplicate content – Web page content that appears multiple places online, either as exact copies or in versions that are deemed to be substantially similar by search engines.

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