Marketing Terms

Content Marketing Glossary

backlink – a link from a site outside of your site.

blog – A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links.

call to action (CTA) – The part of a marketing message that attempts to persuade a person to perform a desired action.

content marketing – A marketing strategy of creating and distributing content to attract and persuade a target audience.

evergreen content – Content that is likely to be relevant for a long time.

forum – An online community where visitors may read and post topics of common interest.

guest blogging – writing a blog post to be published on another blog as a temporary featured author.

inbound marketing – a marketing model whose sales performance relies on the initiative of its client base to find and purchase a product.

lead magnet – A specific deliverable that is offered to prospects in return for contact information, typically to join an email list.

link building – The process of increasing the number of inbound links to a website in a way that will increase search engine rankings.

linkbait – A piece of content created with the primary purpose of attracting inbound links.

moderator – At a forum, someone entrusted by the administrator to help discussions stay productive and within the guidelines.

owned media – Content created on properties you own or control.

page view – Request to load a single HTML page.

podcast – A series of audio or video files that are syndicated over the Internet and stored on client computing devices for later playback.

skyscraper technique – An SEO tactic of finding highly-linked content, creating a significantly better version, and reaching out to site owners who have already linked to similar content.

stickiness – The amount of time spent at a site over a given time period.

vlog – A blog that publishes video content.