—E— Marketing Terms starting with E

ecommerce – The process of buying and selling of products and services over the Internet.

eCPC (enhanced CPC) – In search advertising, a semi-automated bid strategy that adjusts your CPC bid based on the likelihood of a conversion.

eCPM – Effective cost per thousand impressions (technically, “effective cost per mille”).

email marketing – The promotion of products or services via email.

email service provider (ESP) – A service that facilitates the management of email lists and delivery of email campaigns to subscribers.

email spam – Unwanted, unsolicited email.

engaged sessions – In GA4, a session that lasted 10 seconds or longer, or had 1 or more conversion events or 2 or more page or screen views.

evergreen content – Content that is likely to be relevant for a long time.

exact match keywords – In search advertising, a keyword matching option that lets your ad serve when someone searches for the keyword or a close variant of it.

exclusivity – Contract term in which one party grants another party sole rights with regard to a particular business function.

ezine – An electronic magazine, whether delivered via a Web site or an email newsletter.

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