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A blog that publishes video content.


Vlogs surged in popularity with the advent of broadband (a.k.a. high-speed) internet, which allowed real-time viewing of video content.

Video blogs offer distinct advantages over regular text-based blogs. First, viewers can both see and hear the blog author, which tends to boost the latter’s credibility and adds sense of “personal touch” to the content. Second, many people do not have the time and patience to read long texts, so vlogs are more accessible to people of varying educational backgrounds. Lastly, video can pack in more information, letting the author get his message across in shorter span of time.

Note, however, that vlogs also have their disadvantages. First, users with a slow internet connection may have to wait a considerable amount of time before videos load. Second, search engine robots are usually unable to index video content, making additional page coding necessary. Lastly (and most obviously), a longer content creation process is involved, given the additional editing tasks associated with video-based content.

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