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Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup 4


Light week, due to the content sources and my focus on the digital marketing tools index, which will be condensed into a single page!¬†ūüí£¬†1000s of tools, 1 page, yet perfectly usable. Huge shoutout to Beaver […]


2017 Higher Ed Marketing Conferences


Listed below are the major conferences for higher education marketers for 2017 (U.S. only). New conferences and details will be added as they become available. My consulting company that has an emphasis on¬†digital marketing for […]


Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup 3


The weekly roundup continues, as we go beyond the news to see what else is happening in the digital marketing world. Hopefully the embeds¬†are working smoother this week. I think last week was a little […]


Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup 2


Welcome to the 2nd digital marketing weekly roundup. This is not¬†just the news. News is like a base level in¬†Maslow’s hierarchy of digital marketing needs. Yes, you need to stay informed, and there are links […]

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2017 Digital Marketing Conferences