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CPA – Cost Per Action
CPC – Cost Per Click
CPL – Cost Per Lead
CPM – Cost Per Impressions (Thousand)
CPV – Cost Per View
CR – Conversion Rate
CSE – Comparison Shopping Engine
CTA – Call To Action
CTR – Click-Through Rate
DKI – Dynamic Keyword Insertion
DMA – Designated Market Area Ads
ECPC – Enhanced CPC Ads
ETA – Expanded Text Ads (deprecated)
GAP – Google Advertising Professional
GCLID – Google Click Identifier
GDN – Google Display Network
IAB – Interactive Advertising Bureau
IS – Impression Share
LSA – Local Services Ads
MCC – My Client Center
ML – Machine Learning
MSN – Microsoft Network
PPC – Pay Per Click
QS – Quality Score
RDA – Responsive Display Ad
RLSA – Remarketing List for Search
ROAS – Return On Ad Spend
ROI – Return on Investment
RON – Run Of Network
ROS – Run Of Site
RSA – Responsive Search Ad
RTB – Real-Time Bidding
SEM – Search Engine Marketing
SKAG – Single Keyword Ad Group
SQR – Search Query Report

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