A site featuring a suite of commonly used services, serving as a starting point and frequent gateway to the Web (Web portal) or a niche topic (vertical portal).


Web portal services often include a search engine or directory, news, email, stock quotes, maps, forums, chat, shopping, and options for customization. These are only some of the most frequently offered services; large portals often include dozens or hundreds of bundled services.

Portals are one-stop destinations for advertisers and marketers, too, offering a endless variety of choices.

Types of Inventory:
* keyword (high)
* category (medium)
* run-of-site (low)
* geographic
* demograph
Advertising Formats:
* banners & buttons
* text links & search results
* multi-format sponsorships

see also: Digital Marketing Tools

Related Terms

search engine, metasearch engine, Web directory

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