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Austin – Digital Marketing City Guide

Welcome to the big list of everything related to digital marketing in Austin.
Events, organizations, meetups, agencies, salaries, jobs, education and news.


The big recurring digital marketing related events.

Digital Summit – major digital marketing conference covering many topics.
Social Media Week – not actually a week, but it is a significant social media event.
CXL Live – Spring – all-inclusive event (hotel, food, parties) with world-class practitioners.
SXSW – Spring – needs no introduction, obviously, but included for completeness.

For new events, one-off events, and events in other cities –


Traditional organization for all types of marketing.

AMA Austin – regular morning meetings, learning sessions & book club.

Meetup Groups

Roundup of the most relevant, most active groups.

AUSOME – Austin Online Marketing for Entrepreneurs, monthly meetings.
Austin Chapter: American Marketing Association (AMA) – a variety of regular meetings.
Austin Startup Founder Network – numerous free events throughout the year.
Georgetown Texas WordPress Meetup – monthly meetings, north of Austin.

Need more? Search the most active business groups


Agencies with interesting sites, skills, employees, etc.

Blackhawk – full-service digital marketing agency, clean website design & copy.
Fahrenheit Marketing – design, development & marketing agency with global clients.
Big Gorilla Design – full-service creative agency, website has big personality.
Glide Design – team full of designers & portfolio full of distinctive websites.


There are many salary sources, but these are among the most notable. <– pre-filled search for “Digital Marketing Manager” in Austin, Texas
Includes easy customization of basic factors and easy navigation to related jobs.
note: in our analysis, Indeed was often near the midpoint of salary estimates

PayScale <– pre-filled search for “Digital Marketing Manager” salaries in Austin, Texas
Includes detailed pay components and ranges, plus the option for a personalized report.
note: in our analysis, PayScale is on the low side of salary estimates

Indeed <– pre-filled search for “Digital Marketer” salaries in Austin, TX
Does not offer much information until you get personalized salary insights.
note: in our analysis, Indeed was often near the midpoint of salary estimates

Robert Half <– scroll down to the Salary Calculator and go through a lot of drop-downs.
Not detailed, but is notable for being consistently on the high side of salary estimates.


Maximize search coverage with a minimum of sites:

LinkedIn – Digital Marketing Jobs – huge, must-search source of jobs.
note: click “All filters” for Job Type, Salary, Benefits, Industry, and more.

Indeed – Digital Marketing Jobs – important job search engine.

Google – Digital Marketing Jobs – aggregates many smaller sources.


Find most of the available internships in a few steps:

Chegg“Digital Marketing” Internships – huge amount of internships in the Austin area, although not all of them are digital marketing. After the first listings, the internships tend to be more general marketing.

IndeedDigital Marketing Internships – advanced search query specifically for digital marketing internships. note: if you want to change the search parameters, make sure to re-select the “internships” drop-down.

GoogleDigital Marketing Internships – instead of searching a lot of other job boards and companies, find many of them aggregated here in Google’s job search engine.


Local news on digital, marketing, startups and business:

Austin Business Journal – general business news for the Austin area, some behind a paywall.


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