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A contextual advertisement service provided by Google.


Google AdSense is a popular way for websites to make money from advertisements, all the way from part-time bloggers to some of the largest publishers on the web. AdWords advertisers pay Google either by the click (PPC) or impression (CPM). In turn, Google shares a percentage of that revenue with the AdSense publishers.

Google AdSense serves ads via plain text, as opposed to graphical content that dominated the advertising scene when it was introduced in 2003. Google decided to serve plain text in an effort to minimize the intrusiveness of advertisements, to optimize the page loading speeds, and ultimately, to elicit a more favorable marketing response from the site visitor.


AdSense Income Calculator – estimate how much you can earn in a year with AdSense. 

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WP Advanced Ads – ad management plugin for WordPress, special support for Google AdSense.

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Google Expands Advertising Monetization Program for Websites
Google (June 18, 2003)

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