This is a subset of our complete list of digital marketing degrees and certificate programs at traditional universities and colleges in the United States.

This is the list that only includes non-degree certificate programs primarily about digital marketing and related topics. It includes direct links, whenever possible, to the curriculum and course information for these programs. It also makes mention of the courses related to internet marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce or e-business.

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The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)
Graduate Certificate in Social Media
digital marketing courses:

  • Social Media and Virtual Communities in Business (online)
  • Web Analytics (online)
  • Plus 1 social media course from any graduate program at UAB, approved by advisor


Sacred Heart University
Digital Marketing Graduate Program Certificate
digital marketing courses:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics

University of Connecticut
Digital Marketing & Analytics Undergraduate Certificate
digital marketing courses:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing & Digital Analytics
  • Integrated Marketing Communication in the Digital Age

District of Columbia (DC)

Georgetown University
Professional Certificate – Digital Marketing
digital marketing courses:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Web and Mobile Design and Usability
  • Advanced Marketing Analytics and Reporting
  • Content Marketing
  • Viral Marketing: Creating Buzz
  • Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies, Search Marketing
  • more…

Georgetown University
Professional Certificate – Social Media Marketing
digital marketing courses:

  • Using Social Media Tools Effectively
  • Writing for Social Media
  • Social Media Strategies & Tactics
  • Measuring & Calculating Return on Investment for Social Media
  • Capstone Course in Social Media
  • more…


University of Missouri – St. Louis
Digital Media Marketing Certification
digital marketing courses:

  • Effective Email Strategy
  • Strategic Search Engine Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Blogs to Buzz
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Media Buying, Planning and Analysis
  • Web Analytics
  • Digital Strategies
  • Data Analysis, Interpretation and Dashboarding

New York

New York University
Certificate in Digital Marketing
digital marketing courses:

  • (required) Digital Strategies for Marketing
  • (required) Digital Analytics
  • (required) Search Marketing
  • Applying Social Media Analytics
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Content Development Strategies for Digital Marketing
  • E-Commerce: Managing, Building, and Developing Digital Sales Environments
  • Building and Managing Social Media Networks
  • Digital Marketing Intensive
  • (more)

State University of New York at Purchase
Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate Programs
digital marketing courses:

  • Social Media Marketing: Strategies and Tactics
  • Social Media Marketing: Using the Tools of the Trade
  • Twitter
  • Facebook and Google+
  • Blogging
  • Search Engine Marketing and Optimization


Portland State University
Digital Marketing Strategies Certificate
digital marketing courses:

  • Introduction to Digital Strategies
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Professional Skills for Digital Marketers
  • Advanced Concepts: Digital Media Integration
  • more…

Southern Oregon University
Certificate in Interactive Marketing and eCommerce
digital marketing courses:

  • Internet Marketing and E-commerce
  • (many classes in web development and/or digital media)


University of Washington
Certificate in Digital Marketing Analytics
digital marketing courses:

  • Marketing Data Landscape & Tools
  • Digital Marketing Measurement
  • Drawing Insight from Data


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San Diego State University
Professional Certificate in Digital Media
digital marketing courses:

  • Increasing Traffic to Your Website
  • Photography in the Digital Age
  • Understanding Social Media
  • Video Production for Digital Media Platforms
  • Social Media Strategies for Business
  • Publishing on the Web
  • Video Production for Digital Media Platforms
  • Increasing Traffic to Your Website
  • Digital Copy Editing and Design
  • Mobile Marketing


University of Denver – University College
New Media and Internet Marketing (Master’s Certificate Program)
digital marketing courses:

  • Internet Marketing Communication
  • Multichannel Marketing Strategy
  • Web Analytics
  • Digital Campaign Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Integrating Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Advanced Search Marketing
  • Writing for Web/Content Management
  • more…


University of Washington
Certificate in Advanced Online Marketing
digital marketing courses:

  • Online Marketing Strategies & Methods
  • Campaign Optimization & Customer Retention

West Virginia

West Virginia University
Digital Marketing Communications (DMC) Graduate Certificate
digital marketing courses:
3 of the following 5 electives:

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Social Media & Marketing
  • Web Metrics & SEO
  • Digital Video Production

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