Which Digital Marketing Tools Are Mentioned In The Most Job Ads?

Tools are all the rage in digital marketing. Most of the discussion centers on which tools are available, which ones are the best, which ones integrate the best, etc.

If you have a job, or might get one at some point in the future, there is another consideration.

Which digital marketing tools are in demand in the workplace?

How often do you see this asked or analyzed? In other fields like web development, people are hyper-aware of which programming languages and technologies are in high demand. Should digital marketers pay a little more attention to topics like this?

Let’s do some quick research and see if it turns up anything.

The “How”

  1. In late February, 2016, each tool was entered into Indeed.com, which contains a huge number of jobs. (We love you, Indeed!)
  2. We recorded the total number of jobs and the number the salaries at each level.
  3. The salary information was consolidated into a single number.note – the “salary” is imperfect in absolute terms, but may be useful in relative terms.
    • reason #1 = there is a small % of jobs that don’t appear in any salary bucket.
    • reason #2 = the buckets end with a plus, so we don’t know the exact salaries.
    • this means = again, don’t think “salary”, think “relative salary-like measure”.

    also note – we didn’t filter out the jobs posting from the tool companies themselves.
    They are a small %, of total jobs, and they are providing jobs around their tools…

    Lastly, note that some of the links to tools below may contain affiliate links. More on how our link management system works here. If you think we missed any important tools, please contact us here.

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s scan the results and see if anything useful jumps out.

The Results

Results are grouped by category and sorted by which tools appear in the most job listings.

There’s also a link to the search terms we used at Indeed, if you want to see for yourself.

Web Analytics Jobs # “Salary” Search Details
Google Analytics 6,970 $66,539 “google analytics”
Adobe Analytics 3,034 $76,954 “adobe analytics” or sitecatalyst
or “site catalyst” or omniture
Coremetrics (now IBM) 453 $78,273 coremetrics
Google Tag Manager 264 $75,849 “google tag manager”
MixPanel 222 $91,995 mixpanel
Kissmetrics 53 $79,111 kissmetrics
Google Analytics Premium 50 $76,000 “google analytics premium”
or “ga premium”

Comments: Google Analytics is an incredibly popular search phrase in job listings. The other analytics tools are no slouches, either, in terms of number of jobs and compensation. Analytics is only getting more sophisticated. Career-minded people should take notice. If you use Google Analytics, get familiar with Google Tag Manager and consider certification.

Marketing Automation Jobs # “Salary” Search Details
Marketo 1,935 $79,632 marketo
HubSpot 1,069 $64,675 hubspot
Eloqua 1,055 $80,437 eloqua
Pardot 837 $76,844 pardot
Silverpop 265 $65,022 silverpop
InfusionSoft 182 $50,698 infusionsoft or “infusion soft”

Comments: Along with analytics, this looks like the other major area of employer interest. High number of jobs, relatively high salaries.

Email Marketing Jobs # “Salary” Search Details
Constant Contact * 2057 * $36,668 * constantcontact or “constant contact”
Mailchimp 866 $46,344 mailchimp or “mail chimp”
Campaigner 148 $51,944 campaigner
iContact 53 $42,396 icontact
AWeber 30 $60,200 aweber
GetResponse 6 $63,333 getresponse

Comments: Constant Contact’s number is inflated by jobs that use “constant contact” in natural speech. A quick scan of the results suggests the actual number of proper-case searches are maybe 1/2 to 2/3 of the total here. Still very popular. While the most popular email tools are mentioned in many job listings, the salary estimates for these jobs are relatively low. Familiarity with a company’s email tool seems to be a “nice to have” but not a major factor.

PPC Advertising Jobs # “Salary” Search Details
AdWords 2,880 $63,543 adwords
Facebook Ads 393 $56,826 “facebook ads” or “facebook advertising”
Bing Ads 363 $69,624 “bing ads”
Twitter Ads 91 $62,750 “twitter ads” or “twitter advertising”
LinkedIn Ads 53 $59,412 “linkedin ads” or “linkedin advertising”
Instagram Ads 20 $50,556 “instagram ads” or “instagram advertising”
Pinterest Ads 5 $78,750 “pinterest ads” or “pinterest advertising”
tools & misc.
DoubleClick 950 $75,075 doubleclick
AdWords certification 371 $62,247 “adwords certified” or “adwords certification”
Kenshoo 292 $73,379 kenshoo
SEMRush 100 $65,233 semrush or “sem rush”
AdWords Editor 68 $64,180 “adwords editor”
Wordstream 24 $67,609 wordstream
Acquisio 22 $70,000 acquisio
SpyFu 22 $64,500 spyfu

Comments: AdWords is in high demand. Some of the high-end tools like Kenshoo are in some demand, although not on par with categories like marketing automation.

Social Media Mgt. Jobs # “Salary” Search Details
Hootsuite 730 $45,064 hootsuite or hootesuite or “hoot suite”
Buffer * 233 * $36,565 * buffer and social
Sprout Social 158 $57,630 sproutsocial or “sprout social”
Oktopost 4 $71,667 oktopost
Sendible 3 $35,000 sendible

Comments: For Buffer, we had to use “buffer and social” to try to avoid word usage unrelated to the tool (i.e. maintenance workers doing buffing). In any event, Hootsuite appears popular in this category. Although, like email, this appears to be a nice-to-have more than a must-have.

Conversion Optimization Jobs # “Salary” Search Details
Optimizely 432 $78,907 optimizely
Adobe Target 275 $83,160 “adobe target” or “test & target”
Monetate 74 $81,475 monetate
Visual Website Optimizer 48 $69,302 vwo or “visual website optimizer”
Unbounce 40 $60,893 unbounce
SiteSpect 37 $87,000 sitespect
Maxymiser 33 $78,966 maxymiser
LeadPages 25 $59,545 leadpages
ClickTale 21 $71,944 clicktale
Instapage 11 $67,000 instapage
ClickFunnels 5 $48,750 clickfunnels

Comments: The number of jobs are relatively small compared to other categories, but the salaries are among the best. Optimizely is leading a crowded field. They also provide certification in their platform for the career-minded. While most of these tools are not requested enough to act as a primary job each keyword, this category is worth considering, i.e. trial some tools, find one you like, add another type of tool to your tool belt.

Search Engine Optimization Jobs # “Salary” Search Details
Moz 255 $65,212 moz or seomoz
BrightEdge 168 $75,833 brightedge
SEMRush 100 $65,233 semrush or “sem rush”
Screaming Frog 76 $66,522 “screaming frog”
Conductor 72 $72,034 conductor and seo
Ahrefs 43 $60,256 ahrefs
Searchmetrics 37 $71,250 searchmetrics
Majestic 33 $60,536 “majestic seo”
SpyFu 22 $64,500 spyfu
Authority Labs 5 $73,750 authoritylabs or “authority labs”

Comments: Considering the popularity of SEO, specific tools are not requested all that often. This could mean that the mass market tools are fairly interchangeable and/or have low learning curves.

Content Management Jobs # “Salary” Search Details
WordPress 6,713 $56,235 wordpress
Drupal 3,328 $73,646 drupal
Joomla 666 $69,831 joomla
DNN 253 $80,665 dnn or dotnetnuke or “dot net nuke”
Kentico 236 $82,700 kentico
Umbraco 234 $93,077 umbraco
ExpressionEngine 193 $73,929 expressionengine or “expression engine”
Sitefinity 192 $77,695 sitefinity

Comments: These job listings are for developers more than marketers, but it’s interesting to see how CMS market share data compares with the jobs. Everybody and their grandma uses WordPress, no surprise. Drupal appears to be clobbering Joomla for the #2 spot.


What, if anything, did we take away from this?

Personally, it gave me another factor to consider when tool selection is essentially a coin-flip.

A tool’s popularity might have an impact on one’s marketability as a employee or consultant. It might also have an impact when hiring: how many people are familiar with your tools, or how many people want to work with your tools.

If that sounds like a stretch, here’s one practical tip.

In your Indeed.com saved job searches, instead of just having general search phrases, i.e. “digital marketing”, set up some secondary searches for your favorite tools or platforms, i.e. “AdWords” or “HubSpot”.

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