The State of The Site in Early 2016

State of the Site in 2016

Are you tired of seeing the same shallow articles everywhere, while there are no amazing answers for your specific business-related searches?

  • 3 random social media tools you already know.
  • 5 marketing experts share their most generic tip.
  • Random news that will never, ever lead to action.

If so, you are not alone.

The problem of generic content is out of control.

I’ve resolved to do my part and fill some content gaps with unique resources.

This also dovetails into a personal project of getting better organized.

I’ve been doing digital marketing since the late 90s. In that time, I’ve bookmarked a lot of resources, used a lot of tools, created a ton of spreadsheets. This all needs to be consolidated and put into the most usable format possible. For my personal productivity, if nothing else. But I suspect many of these needs will be universal.

You be the judge. Here’s what we’re doing in 2016.

I = Sean ORourke, publisher of marketingterms. We = me, freelancers, and a beagle named Lucy.


We are all-in on conferences. This topic deserves 10x content.

At the minimum, 10x content in this space needs to be obsessively comprehensive, like the calendar with 200+ events.

It also needs to be useful in other ways, like the Google Docs version that you can filter by category or location.

As good as the conference guide is for 2016, it’s only a preview of what’s coming in 2017. Stay tuned.


The original focus of in 2000, back when it was only the glossary.

This area has not been a major focus in the last year. It’s still the most accessed part of the site, with maybe 80% of the visits.

But is it the most valuable? Probably not.

People typically only grab the tiny nugget of information they searched for and leave. Who is seeking definitions in 2016? Students? Marketers? Randos? Honestly, I don’t have a good handle on it. Better analytics and surveys might help some. The bigger issue is, I want to provide one-of-a-kind resources that help marketers and business owners with their important digital marketing needs. There may be times when the /education/ section is relevant to this goal, we’ll see.


There are parts of this site that attract students, for whom career information is a real concern. Even for marketing vets, who wouldn’t want insights into something as opaque as the job market?

That’s why in 2015 we did painstaking research on salaries and salary sources for digital marketers. Early 2016 has seen a list of digital marketing certifications and a look at which marketing tools are mentioned most often in job ads.

Don’t be surprised if there is original research on the job search process itself. If you have any ideas on what you want to see in the career section, contact us.


This is where all the action is in 2016.

The innovation in the tools space is happening so fast. Both the individual tools, and the integrations.

People who are mastering tools and building cohesive “marketing stacks” are doing amazing things.

That’s the good news. Here’s the bad news…

Most of us only have time to try a fraction of the available tools. It takes a lot of effort to keep up!

I’m volunteering to put in that effort. I’m in the processing of signing up for hundreds of free trials and free plans. I’m willing to be spammed by tool vendors who mistake me for their new best friend. I’m eager to expand the index of digital marketing tools from 1000 resources to 2000, then 3000+, while continuing to improve usability so you can easily find exactly what you need.

If you are not signed up for the digital marketing reference newsletter, now is the time. Let’s do great things for the remainder of 2016 and beyond. The next big resource is dropping very soon.

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