My Planning for Social Media Marketing World 2019 (#SMMW19)

Alright, time to prep for Social Media Marketing World. I’ll be sharing my planning process online as I go. Maybe someone will find it useful. Plus, being a SMMW newbie, I’ll take any pre-networking I can get! 😁


Social Media Marketing World is a conference that’s being held in San Diego, CA from March 20-22, 2019.  This is my first time attending. I’ve been eyeing it the past couple years. This year the timing worked out… both in terms of conflicts with other obligations, and being the same week as my daughter’s spring break.

note – links to SMMW are affiliate links. If you purchase through one of these links, I’ll make a small commission at no extra cost to you.


The in-person tickets have a wide range of price points.

  • Community – $297* retail price – access the keynotes, networking plaza, certain creator tracks.
  • Marketer – $997* retail price – adds access to all session/tracks.
  • All-Access – $1597* retail price – adds Wednesday’s workshop, recordings, networking parties.
    Depending on when you read this, there could be early-bird discounts.

Considering the investment in time and travel, all-access seems to be the way to go.


 I don’t know the timing of the workshops yet, so here’s a list of what looks interesting:

  1. Sunny Lenarduzzi – How to Generate Leads and Sales With Video Marketing
    Sunny’s YouTube content is amazing. There aren’t many people on this level.

  2. Rebekah Radice – How to Make Visual Content Your Social Media Secret Weapon
    This is a topic where it’s interesting to see everyone’s different perspective.

  3. Ilana Wechsler – How to Grow Your Business Using Google Display Ads
    Ditto. There are so many ways to think about targeting & bidding here.

  4. Justin Brown – How to Create High Quality Videos With Your Smartphone
    Part of me wonders, “how much is there to say?” but I’m also curious.


Not sure when the session grid is posted, either. That’s okay, this is enough for now.

Doing this exercise was revealing. I’m skewing heavily to the people I’ve followed for years on podcasts or YouTube. While this may be natural, I’ll make an effort to watch and listen to the speakers I don’t recognize.

  • Michael Stelzner – Social Media Marketing in 2019: What the Newest Research Reveals


  • Rick Mulready – Facebook Ads Custom Audiences: 7 Ways to Use Retargeting
  • Dennis Yu – Facebook Ads for Local Businesses: How to Drive Store Visits and Beyond


  • Sue B. Zimmerman – How to Create Engaging Instagram Stories
  • Jenn Herman – How Jenn Hermanto Generate Leads With Instagram
  • Donna Moritz – Visual Storytelling on Instagram: Hacks, Tips, and Tools for Non-Designers


  • Annie Cushing – How to Get Started With Google Data Studio Social Media Dashboards


  • Zach King – The Creative Process: How to Create Videos People Talk About
  • Amy Landino – How to Create Videos That Showcase Your Expertise
  • Roberto Blake – How Marketers Can Make Videos From Scratch
  • Steve Dotto – How to Quickly Create Videos With Screencasting


  • Andrew Warner – Getting Started With Chatbots: How You Can Use Chatbots Today


  • Ann Handley – How to Write an Email Newsletter That People Clear Their Schedules to Read


Trying to remember things I wish I had at previous conferences…

  • Power – multiple external batteries = peace of mind.
  • Cables – there’s nothing like having a big external battery and all the wrong cables to connect to it. So I’ll try to bring everything in short lengths… USB to USB… and micro-USB… and USB-C… etc.
  • Laptop – light-duty laptop (Chromebook) should be sufficient.
  • Photography – Moment case and their compatible lenses.
  • Nutrition & wellness – vitamins, protein bars, herbal teas.

To Do:

Design a limited-edition business card with my info on the front and my dog’s info on the back.

Or you might say her side is the front! She’s really cute and likes to be the center of attention.


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Here are some guides from past attendees.

More Later…

I’ll update this as I know more.
I’ll also be at  @sean_orourke in case anyone attending SMMW wants to say hi.