List of 50+ Digital Marketing Roundups in Early 2017

Here is an extensively researched list of active* digital marketing roundups, sorted by the most recent.

* This includes a few older ones, in case they were taking a brief break.

How you could use this list:

1.) If you have something noteworthy to promote, you might be able to find people interested in it.

note – not many roundups actively solicit content, and it’s all too easy to think our 1x content is 10x.

2.) If you are considering starting a roundup, you can see what is already being done with the format.

  • daily, weekly, monthly
  • number of links
  • depth of commentary
  • visuals and design
  • personality or humor
  • niche or sub-niche

Besides using this list, you can access several of the best digital marketing news roundups from the roundup. Published weekly, it supplements the news roundups by covering everything in the digital marketing world except the news. This includes conferences, podcasts, videos, books, tools, deals and more. Check it out here, or get updates via FacebookTwitter or RSS.

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