Introducing the 2017 Digital Marketing Conference Calendar


Sean here, publisher of

I’m happy to say, the first big update to the 2017 digital marketing conference calendar is here.

Located at it’s easy to remember and type in later.

Here’s why you would want to remember it.

It’s Pretty Damn Big

100+ events now.
300+ by year end.

While it’s impossible to always include every event, 1 list of 300 events sure beats 30 lists of 10 events. Less time wasted on duplicates, more time spent researching interesting discoveries.

Exclusive Discounts!

Save hundreds of $, £ or €, just by using this calendar instead of another calendar.

Conferences want their listings to stand out from the other 300+ listings, much to your benefit. I’ve made good contact with organizers at nearly 50% of the listed conferences. Hopefully, this will be closer to 100% soon. Many discounts have been published, and many more are on the way.

A Focus On Usability

All of the conference resources here are created and refined with usability in mind.

This starts with organizing the data so your eye can flow to naturally compare things like pricing, instead of bouncing all around.

It extends to supplementing the calendar page with the Google Sheets version  so you can sort by other fields, such as location.

It’s Getting Popular

This doesn’t seem to be about you? It is.

In the last year, the calendar’s usage has exploded. That means more conference organizers find it, too. They supply event information sooner, and you get access to more and better discounts.

Plus, resources like this can improve the conferences themselves, as more people come together.

Want to help?

You know the drill. Like or share on social networks. Link to it from news roundup posts, etc.

Every little bit helps. Thank you!

+ + +


What if I see an event isn’t listed?

Hit up the contact form.

It will be reviewed in a timely manner and added if relevant.

Why would an event be rejected?

A few main reasons.

Conferences must be:

  1. Relevant – must be primarily about some aspect of digital marketing. Can’t include every marketing conference. Too many of them.
  2. Noteworthy – more than a local get-together or company workshop. Something likely to be of interest to a decent % of the audience.
  3. English-language – or at least, multi-lingual with enough English for me to tell what’s going on.

Nothing personal, just trying to meet the high expectations of a growing audience.

Why tables instead of paragraphs?

Because respecting your time is more important than shoveling more words into Googlebot. I’d rather be able to scan the information quickly and read more information on the conference’s site. Maybe I lose some rankings with this approach in the short term. That’s okay. If enough people agree with this approach, the overall visibility should rise over time.

What’s with the banner ads?

This is one of those rare instances where the ads are almost as useful as the content. (Can you believe that castle for Napa Summit?!) Plus, you’ll notice most of the ads are followed by a discount.

They also provide resources and incentives for further research (advertising revenue) and/or tickets to observe more of the conferences firsthand (media partnerships).

Anything else?

No, that’s everything for now.

If you’ve made it this far, these are the logical next steps:

  1. visit the calendar:
  2. sign up for updates:

Have fun. See you around.

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