How Many AdWords Certified Individuals Are There?

An in-depth look at AdWords certified individuals; how many there are, where they are located and which tests they took.


  • At the beginning of 2013, there were 19,778 AdWords certified individuals.
  • 80% passed only one exam, while 7% (1,458 people) passed all 3 exams.
  • 16,964 people passed the Search exam (78% passed only this).
  • 5,100 people passed the Display exam (34% passed only this).
  • 3,092 people passed the Reporting exam (29% passed only this).
  • Only 25.7% of AdWords pros are in the United States.
  • Other top countries are UK (7.5%), Germany (6.1%), Japan (3.9%).
  • 8% also passed the Google Analytics Individually Qualified Exam.
  • 0.8% also passed the Bing Ads Accredited Professionals Exam.
  • 60 people passed the “Big 5″… all AdWords, Analytics & Bing.
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