Listed below are marketing degree programs from Arizona colleges and universities, including undergraduate marketing majors and graduate marketing-related programs. And since this site is primarily about digital marketing, we highlighted all of the available courses we could find in digital marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce or e-business.

Students can use this to compare the marketing degree programs that are available in-state, and how different they can be. Teachers and administrators can use this to keep up with the changing course offerings at nearby educational institutions.

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Digital Marketing Degrees and Certificates

Arizona State University
Marketing B.S. with a concentration in Digital and Integrated Marketing Communications
digital marketing courses:

  • Digital Marketing in Practice
  • Social Media and Content Marketing

Marketing Degrees

Arizona State University (ASU)
Marketing – Bachelor’s Degree Program (BS)
Includes concentrations in Digital and Integrated Marketing Communications, or Professional Sales.
digital marketing courses: Digital Marketing in Practice, Social Media and Content Marketing

Northern Arizona University
Marketing, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

University of Arizona
Marketing, BS In Business Administration
digital marketing courses: Introduction to Social Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing

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Directory of Online Courses in Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Courses

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  • “A la carte” or “all-you-can-learn” pricing models.
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