Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup – February 27, 2017

It’s finally here!

Digital Marketing Tools – The Ultimate Reference

If you like the conference calendar, you’ll love this.

The goal here is to find the ideal blend of completeness and usability. Currently, this means 1 big page with 1,300 digital marketing tools and counting. Soon to be 2,000, then 3,000.

What keeps this from being ridiculous? Accordions and quicklinks. Accordions cut down on the scrolling — you only see what you want to see. Quicklinks cut the scrolling even more — click a topic and jump straight to it.

But what really matters with a resource like this is the amount of effort that goes into maintaining it. Every week, I’m refining this page. It isn’t perfect, but it’s getting there.

Check it out. Save it. Come back a few times and see what’s new.

Here’s the easy-to-type URL:

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The early-bird discount update has been postponed a week, because so many discounts expire on February 28, only one day after this post goes live.

If you’re reading this by February 28, check in on any conference you were considering, and make sure there is not a big expiring discount.

If you’re reading this after Febrary 28, come back next week for the updated discount list.

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A mix of things I’ve watched and liked, skimmed and liked, or want to remember for later.

 Personal Branding for Career Success: Part 1 | Part 2 – Philip VanDusen

 My Video Upload Routine – Amy Schmittauer

 How to Write Engaging Email Content – Aweber

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Not as many episodes as usual. I experimented with a lot of new podcasts this week and… yeah. Sometime you find a diamond in the rough, and sometimes you just find the rough.

 AMP, SSL, HTTPS with International SEO Consultant Aleyda Solis – SEO Rockstars

 Lessons Learned While Testing and Launching My First Online Course – Pat Flynn

 Running a successful regional agency, with Ben May – Post Status

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best sellers: Internet & Social Media | Marketing & Sales
hot new releases: Internet & Social Media | Marketing & Sales – We Spent $100k On Facebook Ads. Here’s What We Learned.

GrowthHackers – How The Best Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Use Instagram to Drive Massive Sales

Reddit r/web_design/ – What are some sleek innovative websites that are dripping with awesome design elements?

WebmasterWorld – Feb 7, 2017 Google Algorithm Update – studies suggest it was Phantom

bonus article – How I made my guest post a massive success (case study) –

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