Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup – February 20, 2017

Despite less visitors than other site sections, feedback has been great on these roundups.

Well, most feedback. There have been a few troubling responses.

No, not “this is bad and you should feel bad” comments. Far worse!

Poll participants who want “News/Articles” and nothing else. 😱

Why would anyone want another site doing more of the same, instead of something new? Is anyone having trouble finding news & articles? There are 50+ weekly roundups related to digital marketing… most with news and articles… most with a high degree of overlap. Besides, there’s only so much newsworthy news, and even less you can use.

Luckily, more people share this site’s intense interest in conferences and tools. And there’s decent interest in podcasts and videos, two areas that won’t stay under-the-radar for long. So we’re going to stay weird here, focused on what’s under-covered and unique and useful.

The /Live/ Digital Marketing Calendar already has a major upgrade!

Beyond the recurring weekly chats and shows, it now lists  one-off Q&As and AMAs from sites like Growth Hackers, Product Hunt,, Reddit and Quora.

Don’t be surprised if this keeps improving and becomes part of your morning routine.

Next week’s roundup will have an updated list of March’s early-bird discounts.

Meanwhile, the conference calendar continues to add more events every week.

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 How to hire an SEO – Google Webmasters
12 min – Buzzing in the  SEO community. A fair amount of prospects could see this. 

 Six Figure Blogging: Ask the Experts & Secrets Revealed – Affiliate Summit
60 min – Affiliate Summit dropped a ton of videos from ASW 2016, more here.

 Growth Marketing for Content Marketers [Master Class] – HubSpot Academy
55 min – Sujan Patel teaches growth marketing, from mindset to framework.

 Social Media Marketing Talk Show 2/17/2017 – Social Media Examiner
49 min – Social news including: Facebook video changes and Amazon Alexa marketing.

 Advanced Step-By-Step SEO Tutorial (2017) – Brian Dean
14 min – Overview of SEO that anyone can understand.

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 10k a month selling courses on Udemy with Daragh Walsh – EOFire
23 min – EOFire if a frequent source of good energy + interesting topic here.

 Why Our Romance with Email Is On Again in 2017 – Content Marketing Podcast
27 min – This podcast is growing on me. Well-produced and values the listener’s time.

 Pre-Influencer Marketing: Making Authentic Connections – Agents of Change
27 min – This is an under-appreciated aspect of influencer marketing.

 How to Use Facebook Ads to Boost Your Best Content – Social Media Examiner
47 min – Interview with Larry Kim of Wordstream.

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Per InkyDeals, The Ginormous Bundle includes:


  • 800 Vector Illustrations worth $3320
  • 345 Vectors worth $340
  • 10 T-shirt Designs worth $100
  • 60 Seamless Patterns worth $100


  • 232 Photoshop Brushes worth $139
  • 48 Actions worth $84

Web Design & Textures:

  • 190 Patterns & Textures worth $110
  • 12 Fonts worth $120
  • 1500 Pixel Perfect Icons worth $89
  • 361 Web Elements worth $103

Plus, type in discount code 15discount for a 15% discount on all deals.

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Sneak peak at the new tools page, due to launch late-February.

You’ll have 1500+ resources at your fingertips on a single page. Consolidating all of my various bookmarks, plus every interesting tool or resource that I see going forward.

Catch it on the email newsletter, FacebookTwitterRSS, or next week’s roundup.

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best sellers: Internet & Social Media | Marketing & Sales
hot new releases: Internet & Social Media | Marketing & Sales

Some of the most active threads at top community sites. – Is it me or are downloadable “checklists” almost always useless?

GrowthHackers – Life Beyond Email: Chatbot Marketing

Reddit (various) – Anyone else think Snapchat will become the next Twitter post-IPO?

Webmaster World – Understanding the Google Image Search Traffic Drops

Most major news can be found at one of these roundups.

Marketing Day – daily recap of digital marketing news, from Marketing Land.

SearchCap – daily recap of search engine news, from Search Engine Land.

Online Marketing News – weekly videos on digital marketing news from TopRank.

Social Media Cluster Facts – weekly videos on social media news from Aimclear.

Search Forum Recap – daily recap of the webmaster forums from Barry Schwartz.

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