Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup – February 13, 2017

A look at what’s happening in digital marketing, beyond the major news headlines.

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Major updates to the 2017 digital marketing conference calendar to start February.

  • Nearly a dozen date changes!
  • More than two dozen additions.
  • Sites copying the source code are wayyy out-of-date.

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A mix of things I’ve watched, skimmed, or want to remember for later.

What’s New

 Tips for Sending Broadcast Emails That Get Opened and Make an Impact – SPI
25 min – Pat Flynn just published series of videos all about email marketing, more here.

 Minimum Viable Branding with Scott Kraft – 500 Startups
44 min – 500 Startups just dropped a ton of videos about startup marketing, more here.

 Social Media Marketing Talk Show 2/10/2017 – Social Media Examiner
57 min – breaking social media marketing news of the week.

 Link Building for ‘Boring’ Industries with Loren Baker – Search Engine Journal
61 min – webinar with many ideas.

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What’s New

 Is Organic Reach Dead – Content Marketing Podcast
Rachel Parker with real talk about changes in organic social reach.

 Live Streaming Video and the Data that Proves Its Worth – SPI
Michael Stelzner might be on to something with his live video show.

 Mixing Business With Politics: What Brands Should Do – Brand Boost Podcast
Discussion about the elephant in the room in a non-partisan way.

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best sellers: Internet & Social Media | Marketing & Sales
hot new releases: Internet & Social Media | Marketing & Sales

Interesting threads at top industry communities. – What online communities bring you the most business/referrals?

GrowthHackers – Ecommerce Data Myths: 16 Thought Leaders Cover BS Best Practices

Webmaster World – Google Updates and SERP Changes – February 2017

Reddit – I’m finally hired full-time as a social media marketer for a small business! But I’m afraid I have no idea what I’m doing…

If you want more conventional news, here are some of the best resources.

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SearchCap – daily recap of search engine news, from Search Engine Land.

Online Marketing News – weekly videos on digital marketing news from TopRank.

Social Media Cluster Facts – weekly videos on social media news from Aimclear.

Search Forum Recap – daily recap of the webmaster forums from Barry Schwartz.

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