Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup – January 30, 2017

Why do a weekly roundup?

If you niche down far enough, a weekly roundup could be the news hub for a topic.

For general digital marketing, it’s a bit different. You have to think harder about how to create value. Value for the audience to stand out. Value for yourself to keep going.

Most publishers like to use roundups at least partially to highlight their latest work, and in that regard I’m no different. If you see the list of early-bird conference discounts, you might think, hey, there’s something going on here. If you click over to the conference calendar and see the 200+ listings and exclusive discounts, you are more likely to follow along using FacebookTwitter, email or RSS to see what comes next. (Like the new tools page…)

So yeah, there’s that. But there’s another big reason.

There is a joy in sharing great content. I was listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcast episode with Kara Swisher, mind on fire 🔥 at 2AM, energized and bursting to pass that energy along. Subscribing to 100+ podcasts and 100+ YouTube channels, only a fraction of episodes look interesting enough to sample based on the title, and even fewer are fire-emoji good. So when that happens, I want to share as a thank you to the people doing interesting work.

Hope you find some fire here. Hotjar is enabled in the lower-right if you have feedback.

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What’s New

Brian Massey of Conversion Sciences talks about conversion of landing pages. You don’t need to watch the video, just listen to it in the background like a podcast. While not all of these ideas will be new to you, having them top-of-mind is handy when thinking about your latest landing page.

“Why don’t we sell? Let’s stop messing around.” Marty Weintraub, Founder of Aimclear, drops all kinds of ideas about psychographic ad targeting. This is heavy stuff, don’t try to multi-task it.

Ryan Stewart runs the popular Facebook group Digital Marketing Questions. I haven’t been able to finish this yet, but included it because Ryan does not mess around and this is a great topic.

SEMrush hosts Stephan Spencer for an hour long webinar on How To Conduct an SEO Audit. Step-by-step guide with a lot of visuals.

Featured Channels

If someone asks you for a resource for learning social media, you can’t go wrong with the SavvySexySocial YouTube channel by Amy Schmittauer. For years, there has been a steady stream of short videos, each focused on a popular social media topic. The channel’s format has been different in the run up to the Vlog Like A Boss book launch, but there are great, focused playlists of past episodes, and no doubt many great videos for years to come.

Why Savvy Sexy Social?

Getting Started with YouTube Marketing

Getting Started with Instagram Marketing

Getting Started with Snapchat Marketing

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What’s New

Tim Ferriss Show: The Most Feared and Well-Liked Journalist in Silicon Valley – Kara Swisher

OMFG. This is pure energy. I’d seen a lot of scoops trace back to Kara Swisher over the years, but hadn’t followed her work directly. This episode lives up to all of the hype. Fascinating. Comments on Tim’s blog are a mix of love and hate, possibly skewing along gender lines. I’ll grant you that this is not all how-to and happytalk… it’s a raw look inside a contrarian mind.

Social Media Marketing Podcast: Why Answering Questions Sells – Marcus Sheridan

Featured Podcast

Amy Schmittauer yet again with The Social Authority Podcast. These episodes run longer than the YouTube videos and get deeper into mindset. Subscribe to keep this podcast on your radar, because Amy is a wonderfully clear thinker.

Lessons Learned from Writing a Book

Live Q&A at Inbound

The Secret to Getting on Someone’s Radar

3 (Crappy) Reasons You’re Not Creating Content… Yet

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GrowthHackers – AMA with Jeff Seibert, Founder/CEO of Crashlytics & Sr. Director of Product at Twitter

Reddit (various) – Is U.S.A. at risk of becoming a damaged brand to people outside the US in the Trump era? Politics aside, if that’s possible, this post leads to many business questions.

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