Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup 2

Welcome to the 2nd digital marketing weekly roundup.

This is not just the news. News is like a base level in Maslow's hierarchy of digital marketing needs. Yes, you need to stay informed, and there are links to several great news sources. But podcasts, videos, books and conferences are also key for professional development.

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The conference calendar got a FULL refresh this week.

  • Filled in finalized dates, updated changed ones.
  • Filled in finalized prices, updated changed ones.
  • Added new conferences, deleted cancelled ones.
  • If a conference list is not regularly updated, it gets out-of-date quickly!

I also added a list of marketing-related subreddits, sorted by subscribers.

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Sean's Thoughts

Whew! Made it to the second weekly roundup. Is it too early to feel like I'm establishing a rhythm? In any event, it's nice to be done with the concurrent redesign and hosting move.

I shook up some sections this week, and I'll keep experimenting in the coming weeks. The end goal here is to efficiently pass along the best of what I read, see and hear each week.


What's New

After making the case that there's more to being informed than just chasing the news, I'll take a moment to remind everything that you can (quite conveniently) get to a lot of news from here. 😉 Here are two of the sources that are linked from the end of every roundup.

TopRank Marketing News Roundup January 6th, 2017 from

Social Media Cluster Facts 01.05.17 from

Featured Channel

Hubspot continues to post presentations from their INBOUND conference. We're talking dozens and dozens of videos on a wide variety of topics. Check out the whole list here.

Rand Fishkin "How To Keep Up With Google"

Peep Laja "How to Figure Out What Really Makes Your Website Work For You"

Mari Smith - "How To Radically Improve Your Facebook Reach, ROI, & Results"

Scott Meyer "Own Your Niche: An Agency Content Model"

Blair Enns "Price the Client, Not the Job"

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What's New

Instead of just what's new, we're going with a conference theme for this week's podcasts.

Smart Passive Income - Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Conferences You Attend

EcommerceFuel - How to Get the Most Out of a Conference

The Startup Chat - How to Build Your Personal Network... Without Networking

Featured Podcasts

Ask Pat is one of the podcasts from super-transparent marketer Pat Flynn, with a short episode every day answering a listener's question. Pat is a very polished podcaster, with 770+ episodes of Ask Pat, plus the longer-form podcast for Smart Passive Income.

AskPat #579: How Do I Expand My Professional Network?

AAskPat #54: I'm New To Conferences. How Do I Determine Which One To Attend?

AskPat #173: I'm Going To My First Conference. How Can I Make The Most Of It?

AskPat #638: What Are Your Favorite Live Events and Conferences?

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Deals are at "low tide" after the insanity of Black Friday and a decent December.

Free trial offers are still around, and are now integrated into the /deals/ page.

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The conferences that got clicked the most on the conference calendar page in December...

Napa Summit is the premium sponsor and Digital Marketing Innovation Summit is also a sponsor. Midwest Digital Marketing Conference got a bump from being in the "meet me at" section. Everything else seems to be due to timing (solidly January to March) and probably a mix of brand recognition, location and topic.

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Hot Releases:
SEO for Growth by John Jantsch
Notable for being from John Jantsch, but also for having an audio book.

Kindle Unlimited:
SEO for Growth by John Jantsch
The Kindle version is currently being offered for free, hurry if interested.

best sellers: Internet & Social Media | Marketing & Sales
hot new releases: Internet & Social Media | Marketing & Sales

Other Roundups

If you want more conventional news, here are some of the best resources.

Marketing Day - daily recap of digital marketing news, from Marketing Land.

SearchCap - daily recap of search engine news, from Search Engine Land.

Online Marketing News - weekly videos on digital marketing news from TopRank.

Social Media Cluster Facts - weekly videos on social media news from Aimclear.

Search Forum Recap - daily recap of the webmaster forums from Barry Schwartz.

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