Digital Marketing Weekly Roundup – March 20, 2017

Getting ready for a slew of new posts, but first Getting Ready for Napa Summit 🍷

Also, no roundups the next few weeks while travelling and re-thinking the format.


For those attending or considering Napa Summit, I published some of my notes in a post: Getting Ready for Napa Summit. It has embedded videos and links to podcasts interviews for an amazing lineup of speakers. Is this type of post useful? Let me know.


  • Early each month, the newsletter will start delivering an email full of conference news, including the big list of early-bird discounts and (eventually) email-only discounts not shown on the site. Not the kind of thing you want to miss.

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A mix of things I've watched and liked, skimmed and liked, or want to remember for later.

 Google Analytics Update 2017: What's New - Measureschool
6 min - Concise overview. Measureschool is also rolling out a series on GA best practices

 Link Building Strategies That Increase Monthly Revenue by $240,740 - Seige Media
25 min - A look at the upside and risks of various strategies.

 How to Build More Traffic When You Rank for All Your Head Terms - Marketing School
5 min - One of my favorite problems.

 Fake it till you make it = BULLSHIT - Wil Reynolds
5 min - Realness.

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 5 Killer Traffic Campaigns to Swipe and Deploy in Your Business - Perpetual Traffic
34 min - Live from Traffic & Conversion Summit 2017

 The SEO Framework That Helped Propel Pinterest To 72M Users - Growth Everywhere
51 min - Interview on large-scale SEO (Pinterest, and an earlier job at Grubhub)

 Why "took a business that was perfectly fine & crashed it..." - ML Live
51 min - How a successful general site is adapting with niche brands.

 Should you join an Agency Partner Program? - Proposify
11 min - Short but 🔥 super interesting 🔥 how many leads some shops get from these....

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