Long Domain Name


Domain names longer than the original 26 characters, up to a theoretical limit of 67 characters (including the extension, such as .com).


Long domain names arrived in late 1999 to provide more domain name flexibility (and more money to domain registration companies). Previously, domain names had been limited to 26 characters, forcing organizations with lengthy names to find abbreviated alternatives.

Search engine optimization specialists were eager to jump on the long domain name bandwagon, as is evident by the number of keyword-stuffed domains in circulation.

Keywords in a domain do not automatically catapult a site to the top of the rankings, but it is conceivable that even a small advantage could be helpful when competing for popular search terms. However, the strategy could backfire if Web surfers don’t perceive the domains as being credible.


Find & register domain names:

Namecheap – no-nonsense registrar used here at marktingterms.com.

GoDaddy – another registrar that offers a wide variety of web services.

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