Email Marketing Glossary

autoresponder – a program that sends an automatic form response to incoming emails.

email marketing – the promotion of products or services via email.

email spam – unwanted, unsolicited email.

ezine – an electronic magazine, whether delivered via a Web site or an email newsletter.

HTML email – email that is formatted using Hypertext Markup Language, as opposed to plain text email.

lead magnet – a specific deliverable that is offered to prospects in return for contact information, typically to join an email list.

opt-in email – email that is explicitly requested by the recipient.

pass-along rate – the percentage of people who pass on a message or file.

permission marketing – marketing centered around obtaining customer consent to receive information from a company.

sig file – a short block of text at the end of a message identifying the sender and providing additional information about them.

viral marketing – marketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message.

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