2017 Black Friday Discounts for Digital Marketers

The calendar says it’s November, 2017.

You need to know one thing right now.

Black Friday is a HUGE deal for digital marketers

Not only for marketers promoting their businesses. Anyone, everyone, who buys digital marketing tools, domain names, web hosting, graphics, any of the products and services needed for the production and marketing of websites.

Many companies that cater to digital marketers post their biggest deals around Black Friday. Some post their ONLY sale of the year later this month. Often these deals can be applied to plans that extent through the whole year, maximizing your savings.

I think we’re all on the same page that this is a big deal. So the question is what to do about it?

Answer: this year we’re going “all in” on tracking marketing-related Black Friday discounts. We even setup up a new site to help with the maintenance to better keep up with everything.

MarketingDiscounts.io = your future Black Friday HQ

Last year, we tracked Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals on the marketingterms.com deals page.

It was okay. It had 60 to 100 deals at various times. People took advantage of some great bargains.

But the production was inefficient. Time spent maintaining the page ate into the researching time.

This year, we’re ready to provide an experience like no other at marketingdiscounts.io

There are special categories for Black Friday, Cyber Weekend and Cyber Monday. They don’t have anything in them yet, because we’re not allowed to post the offers yet. But when the time is right, these pages will be incredibly busy. Multiple people, scouring emails and the web at all hours of the day, making sure you don’t miss any of the hottest deals.

MarketingDiscounts.io = a discount site for all seasons

When the virtual holiday is over, there’s still plenty of reason to remember this site with the obvious domain name and odd domain extension.

Our unique approach is evident in categories like these:

  • Contests – aggregation of contests for marketing services and conferences + tech gear.
  • Non-Profit – specific information and direct links to non-profit marketing discounts.
  • Free Stuff – only the most noteworthy free plans and free products (graphics, etc).
  • Top Deals – the most noteworthy offers based on popularity, rarity and savings.
  • Exclusives – special codes created for marketingterms or marketingdiscounts.

You can also browse everything via the category and company pages.

Good? Good. That’s all for now. We’ll get back to preparing for the holiday weekend. 😀

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Sean is the publisher and lead author at marketingterms.com. He also provides digital marketing consulting as the owner of Cleanup Interactive.