The Internet Marketing Weekly Wrapup – March 3, 2012

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This week, I’m experimenting by adding icons for all items. In theory, you can use these to quickly identify posts you want to click or ignore. Especially if you notice yourself clicking all the items with a certain icon, while ignoring everything with another icon. It definitely makes me think twice about the purpose of each item, and if they have a strong enough purpose. But is it too much? In prior weeks, I just had icons for things like audio and video.

featured 2012 Online A/B Testing Awards Winners []
See the best recent tests – free access to dozens of cases studies.

new IAB Releases New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio []
tips AOL Launches Self-serve Ad Platform []

tips Launches 1st In-Facebook Affiliate Program []

new Refining the new Google Analytics []
new Making Google Analytics Even Speedier []
basics 11 Google Analytics Tricks to Use for Your Website []

video Guest Blogging Strategies: Whiteboard Friday []

ideas 10 Most Important Features of Ecommerce Product Pages []
ideas Best Practices for E-Commerce Consumer Surveys: Part 2 []

pdf Free 2012 Email Marketing Handbook Excerpt []

question Could Check-Ins Be (or Become) a Local Ranking Factor []
audio Interview with Local Marketing Experts Jake Puhl & Adam Zilko []
video This Week in Location Based Marketing: Google Latitude Leaderboard []

statistics Page Abandonment Rate vs. Download Speed on Mobile []

guide How to Optimize PPC for Tablets vs. Smartphones []

new Display Ad Builder Now Auto Creates Suggested Image Ads []
guide Ultimate Guide to Inheriting PPC Accounts []
guide Using Image Search Ads in Google []
ideas Dynamic Keyword Insertion: Did You Know These 9 Things? []
video Intro to the Google AdWords Display Ad Builder Tool []

new February 2012 #adCenter Desktop Upgrade: Streamlined []

guide 92 Ways to Get (and Maximize) Press Coverage []

guide Tracking Micro Conversions with Event Tracking for Better SEO []
statistics Social Search Result Rankings for Top 500 Tech Writers []
technical Create Crawlable, Link-Friendly AJAX Websites Using pushState() []
ideas 12 Google Link Analysis Methods That Might Have Changed []

new Search Quality Highlights: 40 Changes for February []
audio SEO Rockstars: Google Panda 3.3 Update Breakdown []
audio ECom Experts: Google Panda 3.3 Updates []
audio Affiliate Buzz: Google Panda Update []

technical Exploring the New Features in Bing Webmaster Tools []

ideas How To Creatively Build Links Using Public Data []
ideas An Example of Stealth Link Marketing []

guide How to Setup Campaign Variables for Social Media Tracking []
guide Social Customer Service: a Best Practice Checklist []
tips Google+ Users Spend 3 Minutes/Month, ComScore Tells WSJ []
statistics What Answers Are Marketers Seeking From Social Research? []
statistics Trend Watch: Social Media Pruning []

new Facebook Timeline Brand Pages Are Here (includes pictures) []
new Facebook Launches Real Time Analytics []
new Facebook Finally Brings Ads To Mobile Devices []
new Facebook Interest Lists Spotted, Then Quickly Removed []
guide New Facebook Brand Pages Guide []
guide Complete Guide to Setting Up the New Facebook Page Design []
statistics New Facebook Premium Ad Features Offer Marketers 3X the ROI []
statistics Your Average Facebook Post Only Reaches 16% Of Your Friends []
tips Q&A Interview with Payvment CEO on F-Commerce []

technical How to Implement Video Microdata for Google & []

ideas 21 Examples of Fixed Position Menus []
ideas 8 Things That Grab and Hold Website Visitor’s Attention []

audio Resources for Stocking Your Internet Marketing Toolkit []

ideas Top 10 In-Demand Social Media Jobs & Services []

Mar. 4-9 – eMetrics San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)
Mar. 4-10 – Predictive Analytics World (San Francisco, CA)
Mar. 5-6 – Conversion Conference (San Francisco, CA)
Mar. 5-7 – DemandCon (San Francisco, CA)
Mar. 8-9 – GAUGE (Google Analytics) (San Francisco, CA)
Mar. 9-13 – SXSW Interactive (Austin, TX)
Mar. 17-21 – AffCon Digital Marketers Cruise (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Mar. 19-23 – Search Engine Strategies (New York, NY)
Apr. 3-4 – ad:tech San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)
Apr. 3-4 – eM12 (eMarketing Association) (San Francisco, CA)
Apr. 18-19 – Social Media Strategies Summit (Chicago, IL)
Apr. 22-25 – Search Insider Summit (Captiva Island, FL)
Apr. 25-28 – Email Insider Summit (Captiva Island, FL)
see all event listings: Internet Marketing Conferences 2012

video B2B Digital Marketing by Michael Miller ad link
video Social TV by Mike Proulx, Stacey Shepatin ad link
video Future-Proof Web Design by Alexander Dawson ad link
more Internet Marketing books: Best Sellers | New Releases ad link (affiliate)

video audio How Unbounce Grew to 2,500 Paying Customers []
video audio How to Build a Huge Marketplace (SkillPages) []
video audio Skimlinks, How It Turns Online Content Into Revenue []
video audio How To Recruit A-Players — with Jeff Hyman []

Features applied this week:

  • Scanned the blogosphere.
  • Selected "action" items.
  • Ignored fluffy linkbait.
  • Grouped into categories.
  • Filtered duplicate items
  • Shortened some titles.
  • Bolded some key words.
  • Sorted items by must-see.
  • Added icons to all items.

new Actual News
audio Audio Content
video Video Content
spreadsheet Excel Related
pdf Adobe .PDF
guide Checklist / Guide
statistics Graph / Statistics
ideas Ideas / Examples
technical Technical / Code
tips Tips / General
basic The Basics
question Questioning
inflammatory Inflammatory
Google Official Google
Microsoft Official Microsoft
video Amazon (books)
ad link Affiliate Links


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    Wow pretty thorough! Thanks for putting this together.

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    Really love the tips you include around what to include in your social media policy. In fact, I’m going to ask my team to adopt them. Thanks for the smart post!