Below is an outline of the web analytics services and tools in the digital marketing tools index.

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Website Analytics

Google Analytics – free – the most popular free web analytics service.
Google Analytics Premium – $$$ – higher limits and premium support, $150,000+ / year.

Mobile Analytics

Google Analytics for Mobile Apps – the mobile app solution from the popular analytics service.
Flurry Analytics – now part of the Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite (measure, monetize, advertise).

Real-Time Analytics

Google Analytics Real-Time – the real-time section of the popular analytics service.
Clicky – “Everything in Clicky is up-to-the-minute real time. Not just a few things.”
Woopra – real-time customer analytics… website, apps, emails, and more.
GoSquared – real-time analytics dashboard, trend reporting, customer-level data.
gauges – real-time web analytics with a focus on easy-of-use.
Piwik – open-source analytics platform: self-hosted or cloud-hosted.
Chartbeat – real-time analytics and audience insights.

Heatmap Analytics

Crazy Egg – $ – heatmaps… regular, confetti, scrollmap, overlay.
Lucky Orange – $ – all-in-one conversion optimization suite. Heatmaps, session recordings, chat, conversion funnels, form analytics, polls.
Mouseflow – $ – heatmaps (click & move, scroll & attention), session replay.
Hotjar – $ – suite of analytics features: heatmaps, recordings, forms, polls, surveys, more.
Inspectlet – $ – heatmaps, session recording, form analytics.
Ptengine – $ – heatmaps and other advanced analytics.
FullStory – $$ – like “a DVR for your website.”
SessionCam – $$$ – session replay, heatmaps,
ClickTale – heatmap analytics, session replays, conversion funnels (pricing not available on website).

Business Dashboards

Cyfe – $ – free basic plan and low-cost paid plans.
Dasheroo – $ – free basic plan and low-cost paid plans.
Geckoboard – $$ – premium-priced plans and 30 day free trial.
Leftronic – $$ –  premium-priced plans with 14 day free trial.


Google Analytics Blog – announcements, how-to, case studies.
Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik – passionate analytics insights.
Lunametrics – frequent, very informative, well-written, just wow.
Analytics Pros – tends to cover different topics than most blogs.
Online Behavior – frequent, useful posts on common topics.
Web Analytics World – frequent, useful posts on common topics.
E-Nor – frequent, useful posts on common topics.
Annielytics – not as frequent as some, but very thoughtful posts.
Jeffalytics – mainly about the podcast, with a more general focus.
Brian Clifton
Cardinal Path
Loves Data
Optimize Smart
Analytics Ninja – infrequent but in-depth.
Justin Cutroni – infrequent now, but some useful archived posts.
Simo Ahava – super technical, many posts about Google Tag Manager.


Digital Analytics Power Hour – once every two weeks, many interesting topics.


Google Analytics IQ – by Google, free, last for 18 months.

Courses & Education

MarketingProfs University – marketing measurement & analytics course.
Udemy – analytics & automation courses (various).
Market Motive – web analytics certification course.
Online Marketing Institute – web analytics and testing courses.


eMetrics Summit – several shows in major cities in the US and UK.
Digital Analytics Hub – one event in the US and one event in the UK.
SUPERWEEK Jamaica / SUPERWEEK Hungary – one event in each.
All Things Data – one event in the United States.
Marketing Analytics Innovation Summit – one event in the US.
Social Media & Web Analytics Innovation – a couple events in the US.

more detail: Digital Marketing Conference Calendar