Below is an outline of the domain name services and tools in the digital marketing tools index.

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Domain Registration

DomainIt – $9.95 .com registration and renewals.
Namecheap – $10.69 .com registration for 1 year, slight discount for more years. – $10.99 .com registration and renewals. – $11.49 .com renewal, after $3.99 first-year registration special.
1&1 – $14.99 .com renewal, after $0.99 first-year special price.
GoDaddy – $14.99 .com renewal, after $2.99 first-year registration special.
Hover – $14.99 .com renewal, after $12.99 first-year registration special. – $15.50 .com registration and renewals.
EuroDNS – Specializes in international domain names. 700+ domain extensions total. – £14.99 .com registration for 1 year. Multi-year discounts are available.

Domain Name Idea Generators

Lean Domain Search – Useful. Combines your word(s) with common domain name words.
Bust A Name – Takes a bit of work. You provide all the seed words and this tool combines them.
Impossibility! – Add adjectives, verbs or nouns to the beginning or end of your word.
Domainr – Niche tool. Most useful for seeing how keywords can combine with uncommon TLDs.
Dot-o-mator – Combine name Beginnings + Ending using dropdown lists of word types or your own words.
DomainsBot – Easy to use. Type in your words, they offer suggestions based on synonyms.
NameStation – Got message, “Sign up free to continue.”
NameMesh – Easy to use. Type words, get results grouped by: Common, Similar, New, SEO, Short, Fun, Extra, Mix.
WORDOID – Interesting! Generates made-up words that are no more than 10 letters long.
Panabee – Easy to use, type your word(s) and site puts it through many modifications… dropping or switching letters, etc.
DomainTyper – Unusual results. Easy to use, nothing major to customize, but hard to find good examples of results.
DomainIt – Seems to just use some basic synonyms and word re-ordering. – Select from a dropdown of different word types, and add to the beginning or end of your word(s).
NameStall – Select from a dropdown of different word types, and add to the beginning or end of your word(s).
Dom!ze – Limited functionality. Takes your words and removes one letter from the end at a time.
StuckDomains – Expired domains and domain ideas search engine.
Nameboy – Site appears to be having problems. Is it dead, or will it come back? Says this for every search: “We’re sorry, your search seems to have expired. Please return to the search page and try again.” – Search the available 4 letter combinations for domain names. Sounds cool in theory. In reality, the site returned an almost-blank screen with no domains. Not sure if the site is broken or if the 4 letter domain name are taken. We’ll try again later.
Domainpuzzler – Could not get this to generate any results. Many UI irregularities. Tried in multiple browsers. No luck yet. We’ll try again later.

Domain Name Marketplaces

Sedo – 18+ million aftermarket domains. – “Millions” of aftermarket domains.
Afternic – many searches per month, many syndication partners.
FabulousDomains – 500,000+ aftermarket domains. – 350,000+ aftermarket domains. – 250,000+ aftermarket domains. – 15,000+ aftermarket domains.
Most Wanted Domains – (not much information available)
Flippa – Features domains, existing websites and apps. – Features domains and existing websites. – (site was down for maintenance)
with logos:
BrandBucket – 21,839 available names as of 11/21/2015.
Brandroot – 5,941 available names as of 11/21/2015.
Namerific – 3,247 available names as of 11/21/2015. – 280 available names as of 11/21/2015.
BrandStarters – 44 available names as of 11/21/2015.

Domain Appraisal – Limited to a few free searches per day. Seems to be one of the more respected sites, as far as these services go. – Limited to 7 appraisals per day for free. Some estimates apparently factor in past sales, when available.
Domain Appraisal Forums at namePros – Post your domain name for a 100% free domain appraisal (if you get a response). – Independent domain appraisal company.
Sedo Domain Valuation Service – Valuations service from the popular domain name marketplace.
DN Sale Price – Free search tool for domain sales from several sources.
Domain Name Journal – Includes recent news of domain sales from many sources.

Whois Domain Info

GWhois – no-nonsense focused on Whois search. – no-nonsense focused on Whois search.
DomainTools – Whois search, plus many other domain research services.
Better Whois – links to numerous services related to domains.
InterNIC – search Whois, or report an inaccurate Whois listing.
IP Analyzer – handy dashboard of IP information: owner, location, blacklists, etc.

Forums & Hangouts – large domaining forum, many sub-forums.
NamePros – large domaining forum, many sub-forums.
Domain State – large domaining forum, many sub-forums.
Quora: Domain Names – the main domaining topic at this large Q&A site.


Domain Name Wire – weekly, domain news and many deep topics.
DomainSherpa – weekly, domain news and many deep topics.
Domain Masters – sporadic, archives still have some relevant topics.


KnowEm – search name-availability on 500 social networks, 150 domain extensions, and the USPTO trademark database.
dmoz : domain names – various domain name resources in the web’s main directory.


NamesCon – one event in Las Vegas, NV, USA.
THE Domain Conference – one event in Florida, USA.

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