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Vice President of Digital Marketing some salary information. Not as many sources as some other digital marketing positions, but enough to get an idea.


If you go searching for additional salary information or job listings, keep in mind these search tips:
– On some sites you may need to use quotes (exact match) to find exactly what you are looking for.
– For this job, spelled-out vs. abbreviation can be an issue, i.e. you might need to search VP of Digital Marketing and Vice President of Digital Marketing.
– Also, word order can come into play, i.e. Vice President of Digital Marketing and Digital Marketing Vice President.


MT weighted average salary: $131,408 (more info)


$90K to $170K for “VP, Digital Marketing” as of 2014-2015.
Report includes salary averages & ranges for a wide range of job titles.
Data by Mondo, a staffing agency for digital marketing & tech talent. via

Average $102K for “Vice President of Digital Marketing” as of Nov 2014.
Average $124K for “VP of Digital Marketing” as of Nov 2014.

Helpful site. Key features:
Salary History – chart of salary history of the last 2 years!
Geographic Search – search salaries in any city, not just a select few.

Average $136K for “VP of Digital Marketing” as of Nov 2014.
Interesting site. Key features:
Salary Reports by Company – look for companies similar to what you want.
– User Comments – some workers talk about or explain their salary level.

Medium $162.6K for “VP Digital Marketing” as of 2013.
Salary guide from Crandall Associates, a recruiter of direct and digital marketing professionals. For more current salary data, updated annually by Crandall Associates, click here.


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