Below are all the notable resources we could find for Paid Search Specialist salaries, making this the most complete way to research salary information for popular digital marketing jobs. The listings include the top-line salary number plus additional features at each site. By combining all the data points and personalization features, you can get a much better idea of your potential salary.


The amount of data in the US for Paid Search Specialist is a little lighter than many other digital marketing positions, such as Paid Search Manager. This may be due to the variety of terms to describe positions below the manager level. In the US, you have terms such as Analyst, Associate, Coordinator, Specialist, Strategist, and more. In the UK, it appears non-manager Paid Search positions are more neatly bundled under the title “Paid Search Executive”.


MT weighted average salary: $49,520 (more info)


Average $50K for “Paid Search Specialist” as of Nov 2014.
Average $61K for “PPC Specialist” as of Nov 2014.

Helpful site. Key features:
Salary History – chart of salary history of the last 2 years!
Geographic Search – search salaries in any city, not just a select few.

Average $50K for “Paid Search Specialist” as of Nov 2014.
Interesting site. Key features:
Salary Reports by Company – look for companies similar to what you want.
– User Comments – some workers talk about or explain their salary level.

Average $55K for “Paid Search Specialist” as of Nov 2014.
Possible useful site. Appears to be a calculation of job listings that have salary info and the search phrase.

Not enough salaries to compute an average as of Nov 2014
Helpful site. Key feature:
Salary Reports by Company – look for companies similar to what you want.
note: sign up for the site to see some of the advanced salary features.

(UK) £25K – 35K = $39K – 54.7K for “Paid Search Executive” as of July 2013.
(UK) £25K – 33K = $39K – 51.6K  for “Paid Search Executive” as of 2012.

Good looking site for the UK.
– Enter your name and email here to get free access to the 2014 salary survey.

(UK) £25K to 30K = $39K to 47K for “Paid Search Exec/SEM/PPC Exec” as of 2014.
Amazing report! Interesting even if you are not in the UK.
– The special section on Digital begins on page 68.


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