Below are all the notable resources we could find for Email Marketing Manager salaries, making this the most complete way to research salary information for popular digital marketing jobs. The listings include the top-line salary number plus additional features at each site. By combining all the data points and personalization features, you can get a much better idea of your potential salary.


Email Marketing Manager has a decent amount of available salary information. For the most part, salary sites that included both “Email Marketing Manager” and “Email Marketing Specialist” showed the managers making $15K-$20K more than specialists.


If you go searching for additional salary information or job listings, keep in mind these search tips:
– On some sites you may need to use quotes (exact match) to find exactly what you are looking for.
– Word order can come into play. We have seen instances of “Email Marketing Manager” and “Manager of Email Marketing”.
– You may want to search “email” and “e-mail” for completeness, but luckily the hyphenated “e-mail” seems less common now. LinkedIn shows more than 10x the number of “Email Marketing Managers” vs. “E-mail Marketing Managers.”


MT weighted average salary: $75,099 (more info)


Average $76K for “Email Marketing Manager” as of Nov 2014.
Helpful site. Key features:
Salary History – chart of salary history of the last 2 years!
Geographic Search – search salaries in any city, not just a select few.

Average $77.7K for “Email Marketing Manager” as of Nov 2014
Helpful site. Key feature:
Salary Reports by Company – look for companies similar to what you want.
note: sign up for the site to see some of the advanced salary features.

Average $70K for “Email Marketing Manager” as of Nov 2014.
Average $105K for “Senior Email Marketing Manager” as of Nov 2014.
Interesting site. Key features:
Salary Reports by Company – look for companies similar to what you want.
– User Comments – some workers talk about or explain their salary level.

$68K to $93.5K for “Email Marketing Manager” as of 2015
$67K to $88.5K for “Email Marketing Manager” as of 2014

Detailed salary guide report available as a PDF.
– Salary Calculator – site also lets you customize based on job title and location.
note: salaries in interactive start on page 11 of the 2015 report.
note: multiplier for adjusting salaries by city is on page 12 of the 2015.

Average $69K for “Email Marketing Manager” as of Nov 2014.
Possible useful site. Appears to be a calculation of job listings that have salary info and the search phrase.
However, it’s unclear the quality and quantity of data behind the numbers.
The salary estimates can change quite a bit just by re-ordering what is essentially the same job title.

Medium $75.6K for “Email Marketing Manager” as of 2013.
Salary guide from Crandall Associates, a recruiter of direct and digital marketing professionals. For more current salary data, updated annually by Crandall Associates, click here.

(UK) Average £33K to 40K = $52K to 63K for “Email Marketing Manager” as of 2014.
– Includes average, range of low and high, and average day rate.
– Includes salary differences by region.


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