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Chief Marketing Technologist is a relatively rare job title, due to its newness and the fact that there is only per company, and only then if the company is large enough. A exact-match search on LinkedIn for people in the US who currently have this job title delivered only 352 results, the least of any of the digital marketing jobs we included in our salary guide. This may be a case where you’ll need to go beyond the public data. Mondo, a talent agency focused on digital marketing and tech talent, says Chief Marketing Technologist is one of their hottest placements in recent years. Presumably the digital talent agencies will have access to more granular information about what kind of salary to expect for the less-common higher-end positions.

MT weighted average salary: n/a (more info)


$140K to $241K for “Chief Marketing Technologist” as of 2014-2015.
Report includes salary averages & ranges for a wide range of job titles.
Data by Mondo, a staffing agency for digital marketing & tech talent. via


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