How-To Use Google Analytics: The Ultimate Archive of Videos & Podcasts

You know web analytics can make your site more profitable.

You know you need to know (a lot) more about it.

But there’s only so many hours in the day.

Plus, your time at the keyboard is valuable. Too much input means not enough output.

The Solution: give your fingers a break, maybe get away from a keyboard altogether.

We searched high and low to find the most interesting, most reputable video and audio resources for learning about Google Analytics and web analytics, and put them all into one easy-to-use post. If you know everything contained in this page, you’re officially dangerous.

Google Analytics: Basic

Not every video on this page will relevant for every person. If you’ve already setup your Google Analytics, you probably won’t need the next couple videos, but they could be useful to send to people who need exposure to the basic concepts.

Webinar: Reaching Your Goals with Google Analytics | googleanalytics

The most drop-dead simple introduction to Google Analytics and how to get started. Sections include: how do you define success, setting up goals, setting up e-commerce, linking AdWords and Google Analytics, new opportunities using goals.

Google Analytics and Conversions | VMVertical

Overview of Google Analytics for beginner to intermediate. Covers key features in GA and the key points about them. Also includes an intro to Google Website Optimizer.

Google Analytics: In-Depth

The videos above are fine for small business owners who want to get GA installed.

For internet professionals who need to go deeper into GA, there’s this from Google.

Google Analytics IQ Lessons a.k.a. “Conversion University”

Google says, “Follow these lessons to prepare for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) test or to simply become a more knowledgeable Google Analytics user.” It’s probably a good idea to go through the lessons at least twice.

click here for the outline and all the lessons (

Google Analytics for Digital Agencies

In addition to the “Analytics IQ” series above, Google also has a six-part “Analytics for Agencies” series on YouTube. Although these videos are geared towards digital agencies, they contain information that are useful for most marketers.

Analytics For Agencies #1 – Introducing the New Version of Google Analytics

Product walkthrough of the new version for online agency media planners, creators and buyers. This does not cover analysis techniques, implementation, campaign tracking, etc. Explains where a lot of the old features are located on the new version.

Analytics for Agencies #2 – Exciting Insights with Light Speed Analysis

The second video in this series gets into more details. Goes more in-depth on Segments, Secondary Dimensions, Filters.

Analytics for Agencies #3 Measuring Multi-Channel Media

All about campaign tagging. There are a few jarring audio disturbances, but other than that the recording is ok.

Analytics for Agencies #4 – Optimizing AdWords & Search

“Follow along as you are guided through key reports, and analysis functions you can perform to learn about your Paid Search visitors.”

Analytics for Agencies #5 – GA for Display & Social Insight

“Just because a channel doesn’t convert directly doesn’t mean it didn’t have a positive impact, this webinar will help you make that case to your clients.”

Analytics for Agencies #6 – Measuring Customer Engagement

“If your analysis has ever fallen short because the right data wasn’t there when you needed it, then this webinar is for you. It will include tips on common and advanced uses for all of the tags in GA (especially Events & Custom Variables)”

Web Analytics Philosophy

Knowing how to setup your analytics package and being familiar with its reports are only the beginning. You need to maintain clarity of purpose and avoid “report surfing”… aimlessly consuming data, without asking questions or taking action.

Think Marketing with Google: Agile, Outcomes Driven, Digital Advertising | GoogleBusiness

Avinash Kaushik talks about analytics with a religious fervor that will inspire you to look at your data differently. Plus, it’s just fun to listen to Avinash, and you’ll be left with a buzz of energy you can use for anything you want.

KEYNOTE SESSION ( Digital Analytics ) Clickasiasummit

“This is not Analytics 101.” Gillian Muessig, founding president of SEOmoz (nickname SEOmom), gives an energetic keynote on the big picture of web analytics. It starts off a little slow, but picks up after 5 to 10 minutes.

QUESTIONS: Panel Discussions & Q&A Sessions

If you’ve come this far and still want more, Q&A sessions can round out your knowledge. You won’t know everything about everything (yet). But you’ll know what topics exist, the first steps towards solving problems, and how to search for additional information.

Web Analytics TV With Avinash Kaushik and Nick Mihailovski | googleanalytics

This series from Google has great hosts and a sharp audience.  Each show covers roughly ten questions, with an average ~2 minutes per answer.

Web Analytics TV: Episode #23

Web Analytics TV: Episode #22

Web Analytics TV: Episode #21

20 more episodes in this series can be found at

Web Analytics – February 2009 (ultralightstartups)

This is a little older, but it’s a Q&A session with a high-quality panel. The audience is startups and the issues raised are fairly common.

Advanced Web Analytics — B2B

Beyond the specifics of Google Analytics, these videos explore the issues faced by large companies who need to tie web analytics into the broader marketing and business concerns.

Multi-Channel Funnels Webinar with Bill Kee | googleanalytics

This webinar provides an excellent introduction to the Multi-Channel Funnel reports available in GA and some of the more common use cases.

Demandbase Webinar: Wake Up Your Analytics – Turning Data Into Action 12/13/2011 | DemandbaseMarketing

Discussion of how advanced segmentation on any analytics platform can turn data in actionable insight. Talks about what type of advanced reporting is possible and what you need to do to get it up and running.

The Definitive Guide to Marketing Metrics and Marketing Analytics Webinar Recording | MarketoB2B

Similar to the Demandbase webinar, but by a competing vendor, Marketo. Talks about how companies can use sophisticated analytics to meet business objectives.

Beyond the Click: Metrics to Measure (MarketoB2B)

Roundtable discussion of how web analytics works with the rest of the organization. Could be useful for agency folks and in-house marketers at decent-size companies.

Audio Podcasts on Google Analytics and Web Analytics

Sometimes the easiest way to find time for learning is while commuting, exercising, etc.

Below we’ve gathered ten of the best podcast episodes, plus a special section on careers.

You can find the audio at the links below, or by searching directly in iTunes.

All About Google Analytics

56 minutes | Using Google Analytics for Google AdWords | 2012 February

 55 minutes | Understand Google Analytics & Increase Your Website Leads | 2011 April

 33 minutes | Google Analytics Deep Dive with Justin Cutroni – Part 1 | 2011 June

 30 minutes | Google Analytics Deep Dive with Justin Cutroni – Part 2 | 2011 June

 20 minutes | Are you up to speed with the New Google Analytics? | 2011 December

More About Web Analytics

 70 minutes | Avinash Kaushik SES New York 2010 Keynote | 2011 March

 32 minutes | 4 Ways Search Analytics Reports Suck (And How To Fix Them) | 2010 June

 49 minutes | Importance of Setting Proper KPIs and Goals | 2010 November

 46 minutes | Web Analytics In Depth | 2010 August

 31 minutes | How to Track Phone Calls | 2012 February

Careers in Web Analytics

Think you might be interested in a career in web analytics? What kinds of jobs are out there? What kinds of skills do you need? Beyond Web Analytics, the most in-depth analytics podcasts, covers this topic every so often.

 43 minutes | Web Analytics Career Development – Part 1 | 2010 October

 52 minutes | Web Analytics Career Development – Part 2 | 2010 November

 38 minutes | How to Find/Keep a Job in Web Analytics | 2010 February

 41 minutes | Staffing For Web Analytics | 2009 December

More Advanced Topics…

These all are the significant podcasts we found with one big exception.
Beyond Web Analytics has dozens more episodes on a variety of topics.

The Video How-To Series

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