How-To Do Viral Marketing: The Ultimate Archive of Videos, Interviews & Podcasts

Want to learn more about viral marketing without reading a lot?

If you are an audio-visual person, you’re in luck.

We searched high and low to find the most interesting, most reputable video and audio resources for learning about viral marketing, and put them all into one easy-to-use post.

Igniting Viral Campaigns by Creating Relevant Conversations

Presentation by Larry Bailin at Affiliate Summit East 2009. Larry is a great speaker and this is a well put-together presentation. If you only watch one video on this page, for most people, this is the one. He starts with “big hit” examples of viral marketing, but ultimately explains how “micro-viral” applies to most businesses.

[0:00] Intro: speaker’s background & book.
[3:45] Steps in igniting viral campaigns.
[6:55] Defining viral marketing by examples.
[11:20] Can viral videos lead to profit?
[17:00] Must evoke emotion and connect.
[26:20] Using the community connection.
[38:30] Audience questions: Is __ viral, etc.
[44:30] “Who the hell talks like that?!”
[49:30] 5-8 seconds to make a connection
[56:15] Social rules that apply to everything

Jon Steinberg President of Buzzfeed

Jon introduces us to the analytics side of viral marketing… seed views, viral views, viral lift, etc. (This Week in Startups — January 18, 2011)

[0:00] Intro.
[3:55] Guest intro.
[4:40] Interview starts – what is Buzzfeed, etc.
They track “seed views” vs. “viral views” i.e. “viral lift”
[12:00] What’s happening in ad space due to virality?
[28:10] Interview ends – Ask Jason, the news, etc.

Dimitry Ioffe of Visionaire Group, Viral Marketing Pioneer

Dimitry brings the perspective of someone who has working on large, creative viral campaigns. (This Week in Startups — May 13, 2011)

[0:00] Intro, etc.
[5:10] Guest intro, etc.
[8:25] The Interview – talk with viral marketing expert
[16:00] Interview Ends – various other segments
However, Dimitry weighs in on the rest of the show

Nigel Hollis, Millward Brown on Viral Video

Interviews with media, advertising and marketing thought leaders at the Advertising Research Foundation Annual conference in NYC. (April 27, 2010)

[0:00] Methodology, TV metrics vs. Viral Video metrics
[3:40] To do list, seeding after you’ve created a video
[7:20] Creating a viral video vs. creating a TV ad
[10:10] Should online video be a little edgier, riskier?
[11:40] Key takeaways

Igniting Viral Campaigns through Social Media

Dave Snyder, Founder of Search and Social, speaks at the iGaming affiliate conference. These videos focus more on how viral marketing ties in with link building and SEO.

Part 1 of 4
[0:00] What is viral marketing, examples.
[2:20] Getting links as well as visitors.
[4:20] Matt Cutts on viral link getting.
[5:22] Social signals & search spiders.

Part 2 of 4
[0:00] More viral / ranking examples.
[2:50] Types of viral content.
[6:25] Use the links you get.

Part 3 of 4
[0:00] Q&A session (some off-topic)
[1:50] Conversions from viral marketing?
[6:50] Advanced SEO considerations.

Part 4 of 4
[0:00] Resources in place to jump-start viral
[1:10] More advanced SEO considerations
[3:10] Conclusion: top 3 tips

Engineering Viral Media – February 2011

Panel discussion at the Ultra Light Startups meeting in New York. This is the longest video at nearly 90 minutes, but the panel has so many heavy hitters in the viral space.

Greg Galant, Founder at Sawhorse Media
Adam L. Penenberg, author of Viral Loop
Jonah Peretti, founder of BuzzFeed
Michael Yavonditte, founder of Hashable

[0:00] skip it
[6:00] pre-interview
[11:00] panel intro
[15:15] start of discussion – panelist stories
[29:00] viral web app vs. viral content?
[38:00] how do you measure viral coefficient?
[42:15] terminology: viral loops, viral networks…
[44:30] how to: higher probability of going viral?
[46:30] which share buttons to add to your site?
[50:30] difference between having budget vs. none?
[52:00] what about forced sharing to use a service?
[55:30] can a company be based too much on viral?
[57:45] how do you make a mobile app viral?
[100:50] is virality predictable enough to depend on?
[106:00] what backend do you need so you don’t crash?
[107:20] can you be viral in B2B?
[109:30] what’s the iterative process for optimizing virality?
[113:00] why do A/B tests when there are so many variables?
[114:30] what kind of technology do you use with viral apps?
[120:00] what can you do offline to drive online virality?

Take It With You — Audio Podcasts About Viral Marketing

Want to learn on the go?

Below are six podcast episodes, over two hours total, by experts in viral marketing.

You can find the audio at the links below, or by searching directly in iTunes.

 34 minutes | Viral Marketing with Matt Siltala | 2010 October
“Matt Siltala of Dream Systems Media explains viral marketing: the concept, ROI opportunities, industry benefits, marketing methods, examples.”

 34 minutes | What Makes Web Content Go Viral? | 2010 October
“Peggy McColl explains what separates a viral explosion from ideas and products which fail to connect with a worldwide audience.”

 37 minutes | Viral Marketing, Not Your Average Lightning in a Bottle | 2011 May
“Jack and Jeff discuss how being genuine is the most important piece to a viral marketing strategy, and why you don’t need to go all Blair Witch Project.”

 20 minutes | Interview with The Viral Factory, part 1 (video) | 2010 December
“Ciaran talks with Ed Robinson, creative director at leading uk viral video agency The Viral Factory. Ed gives us a great overview of the viral phenomenon… and we get an ingredients list for the worlds ultimate viral cake mix.”

 27 minutes | Interview with The Viral Factory, part 2 (video) | 2010 December
“In part II we explore with Ed Robinson the creative aspect of Viral video creation… we also explore the seeding process. ”

 11 minutes | Viral Video Marketing | 2011 November |
“Whats involved with Viral Video Marketing with Greg Jarboe, President and co-founder of SEO-PR.”

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